The Impersonating Genius Of Sergio Cortes

Posted in Celebs, Sergio Cortes on Oct 20, 2015

Impersonating celebrities has become very common in the world we live in today. However, this was not always the case. Prior to the death of Elvis Presley, celebrity impersonators were very few and far between. Once Elvis died, people still wanted to see Elvis perform. Since they could no longer see the genuine article, the demand for people who could believably impersonate him grew. Soon afterward, people started to impersonate other celebrities, making a very good living at it in the process. As far as celebrity impersonators are concerned, Sergio Cortes stands alone at the top of the heap. His ability to look, sound and dance like Michael Jackson is truly phenomenal.

When Sergio was a young boy growing up in the country of Spain, he certainly did not have dreams of impersonating a famous singer as a way of making a living. In fact, he was not sure how he would make a living at all. He was a good student. However, when it came time to choose a career for himself, there was nothing that really interested him enough to pursue it. He finished high school and drifted aimlessly from one odd job to the next. He probably would have kept on going like this if fate did not intervene.

Sergio had been a huge Michael Jackson fan for many years, but he never bore any resemblance to the King of Pop. However, after Jackson became the biggest star on the planet, he began undergoing skin bleaching treatments in an attempt to make his skin more pale. Jackson also had numerous nose surgeries, making his nose much thinner than it was before. Because of this, Sergio began to notice that he now looked almost identical to Jackson. In fact, their appearance was so similar that he was now being mistaken for Jackson all the time when he would go out in public. It did not take Sergio too long to figure out how to capitalize on this twist of fate.

Sergio bought himself some clothes that were similar to the clothing that Jackson typically wore on stage when he performed. He began showing up and parties to publicize his impersonation skills. Eventually, he began to be paid for his efforts. Word of Sergio’s uncanny resemblance to Jackson began to spread throughout Spain. Once the King of Pop died, Sergio quickly became the most sought-after Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet.

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