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The Best Healthcare companies10.25.15

The healthcare industry is an extremely important sector of every nation. Most governments will ensure that every citizen gets access to affordable and convenient medical services. However, that is not the case for most countries especially those in the developing regions. Numerous companies have taken to this sector and are offering exceptional services. Here’s a list of such companies.

  • About the Nobilis Health Company

The Nobilis Health Company is an icon in the healthcare sector in the US. The company owns and controls more than ten healthcare facilities in Arizona and Texas. These consist of six ambulatory centers, a surgical hospital at Houston, an urgent care center, and two MRI centers. You can find the six ambulatory centers in Arizona, two in Dallas, and three in Houston. The Nobilis also has partnered for marketing relationships with several surgical centers in the US.

  • CVS Health

The CVS Health is a renowned prescription drugs retailer. There are plans to expand the CVS to becoming a fully integrated health services provider.

  • McKesson

McKesson is the largest and the best pharmaceutical distributor in the US. Apart from its pharmaceutical distribution, MCK as well develops, implements and operates software in the medical field. The software business is normally under-appreciated as opposed to the company’s distribution business. The MCK Company offers IT services, for instance, electronic health records, revenue cycle, and health payment plan.

  • United Health Group

The United Health Group offers health care services to over 85 million patients globally. The UHG is the largest health insurer in the US. In addition to that, the CEO Stephen Hemsley is investing heavily in the Optum. Optum is United Health Group health service arm that incorporates health data analytics and pharmacy benefits manager.

  • AmerisourceBergen

The AmerisourceBergen, which is the largest global sourcing services company and a pharmaceutical distributor has experienced greater improvements since they initiated a partnership with Walgreens-Alliance. The collaboration has enabled the two companies to share their generic drug buying and now get substantial discounts from drug manufacturers. The AmerisourceBergen has also invested in the fast-growing animal health sector.

  • Express Scripts Holdings

Express Script is a full-service pharmacy benefits manager. The company has been rewarded by industry consolidation that has helped to improve the company’s bargaining power and cut operational cost. Express Holdings led in consolidation when it bought Medco Health in 2012. The purchase doubled the company’s revenue.

  • Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a drug wholesaler and also makes surgical apparel and gloves. Cardinal invested over $1.97 billion in acquiring Johnson Cordis according to yahoo finance, which is a heart-product business. That helped Cardinal Health to boots the products it offers to the clients.

If you wish to engage in the healthcare industry, ensure you adhere to the rules and regulations. Position yourself in the market and offer the best to your clients.

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