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Doe Deere: Lime Crime’s Beautiful Face10.10.15

Lime Crime makeup is the cosmetics brand on everyone’s lips-both figuratively and literally. The colors and products that make this cosmetics brand stand out from all the rest have created a wide spread buzz about it. Lime Crime’s popularity and growing success are all thanks to the interesting and artistic perspective of the company’s creator.

Doe Deere is the quirky and beautiful founder of Lime Crime makeup and a beauty ambassador to the masses. Her unusual yet appealing look catches you off guard before it captures your heart. It is not too hard to tell that her dedication to fashion is what lead her to create the cosmetics line. Deere has long been bound to the idea that there are more reasons to purchase makeup than to cover imperfections. Lime Crime was created from Deere’s enthusiasm for variety and the idea that makeup should be able to express unique looks that each and every person who wears it. Reflecting individuality through cosmetics has given new life and meaning to purchasing and applying this high-quality makeup. The wide range of options expressive looks available through Lime Crime and brave personality of the beautiful Doe Deere have certainly created a fashion ruckus. Deere may just have herself set up to be the voice of unashamed expression in the fashion industry. Her perspective is fresh, her looks unique, and her products are beyond compare.

Her dreams came true, despite the fact that her start up capital included only a few hundred dollars and a passion for fashion and cosmetics. Lime Crime makeup has a couple of physical locations and a number of online stores that stock and sell the fabulous makeup. It took some time to develop products, build a client base, and find people who support her dream of expression through fashion, but Doe Deere is not known for being timid and understated. Her fans and followers, also known as Team Candyfuture, are loyal to the ideas and fashion senses of this trend-setting cosmetics guru and it doesn’t look like it’s about to stop any time soon. Deere’s devil-may-care fashion sense and her unashamed expression in all of her advertising and modeling have lead her to become and underground fashion icon that may not stay underground very much longer.

Doe Deere is far more than just an inspiration for makeup lovers. Her dedication to expression and persistence in following her passion is inspirational to anyone who lays eyes on this colorful character. Lime Crime is proof that dreams can become reality if you are brave and hard-working. The positivity of Deere’s makeup message gives customers a fresh perspective on how to use cosmetics as an empowerment tool. The future of this trendy lady, much like her fashion preferences, is nothing but bright.

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