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Tips On The Proper Keyword Strategy10.09.15

Keywords forms an important part of every SEO plan as well as in every marketing strategy for search engines. You will apply SEO to categorize your business and aim at the right audience, and at the same time dictate the kind of content your website will have. Over the years, SEO has significantly transformed to give good results. Through the use of keywords, SEO has risen in SERPs since the final user can get the best results from the search engines.

Keyword stuffing has previously been used as a trick so that search engines to position keywords and variations as many times as possible. This has been used by stuffing the keywords in the title, content and meta descriptions. Keyword stuffing has always been used regardless of whether or not it makes sense. As a result, the final user does not get the search result that can be relied upon. To avoid keyword stuffing when applying your keywords, here are some tips that will guide you through.

Before implementing your keywords strategy, the main question should be, how many keywords should you use? Although you should employ the keywords that you want on your page, it is also important that you focus on the audience you want to attract. Have a look at the following tips.

Your page title should have the keyword. This is important because it communicates to the search engines as well as the searcher about your page.
Put your keywords in the headline. This will help the users to get a compatible topic between the landing page and the search snippet.
Always remember your meta description. This helps to raise your rankings as well as the rate of click-through.
• Use your keywords in the page content. Your keyword should be part of your content.
• Use the keyword in the images. The ALT text and your image filename should include the keyword.
• Avoid extremes. If you feel you have overused the keywords, remove the unnecessary ones.

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