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How Shaygan Kheradpir Has Been Involved In Building A Better World Through Communication10.29.15

Shaygan Kheradpir is a respected and well-known technology and business executive. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant and is bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. recipient from Cornell University in electrical engineering with a bias in control systems. All through his professional career, he has been involved in building mission-driven teams that have driven the change that matters to the community, organizations and also to the customers. He has been involved in rigorous straddling, connecting and innovation at the boundaries of disciplines that were considered traditional in different segments of the industry.

In the very recent past, he was announced the Chief Executive Officer as well as Board Chairman of Coriant. Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter joined the company after having worked with its senior management team at an Operations Partner role at Marlin Equity Partners. Because of his active involvement in the company’s operations and strategic planning, he assumed his new position and many were confident that his leadership would to a very large extent drive the company’s growth strategy forward. Many also expected that during his leadership tenure, the company would have a better focus on the solutions that matter most to its customers in the current dynamic and competitive end-user market.

Before joining Coriant, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Jupiter Networks, a company dealing with networking in the Silicon Valley. In the year 2011, he joined the Barclays Bank in London as the Chief Operating Officer in charge of wealth, investment and corporate banking. At the bank, he was the most needed catalyst for the cultural change that was very necessary for the transformation of the bank to be operating along the lines of the 21st-century processes in industrialization.

His career started at GTE Labs where he worked in the control, networking management, and routing department. He rose through the ranks to eventually become the software systems lab leader and played a very big role in building a world-class lab that developed integrated infrastructure and switching and transmission using the TONICS system. The systems enabled the company to consolidate its network into becoming one of the most consolidated network operations at the time.

He then moved to Dallas where he was instrumental in leading a systems development for all of the company’s units in interworking, wireless, wireline and information. During the period, the company was able to nationalize and rebuild its core systems based on principles about modern computer science, therefore, driving operational excellence without having a big dent on the finances. When the company merged with Bell Atlantic, he moved to New York and got appointed as the eBusiness Unit head and within a short time, he had risen through the ranks to become the Chief Informational Officer for the entire company. He worked very hard to deploy modern methods so as to achieve breathtaking results for the company by recruiting the creme de la creme in the technology and engineering arena that understood the need for products and services to be delivered in a modern environment so as to be useful even in the future.

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The Best Healthcare companies10.25.15

The healthcare industry is an extremely important sector of every nation. Most governments will ensure that every citizen gets access to affordable and convenient medical services. However, that is not the case for most countries especially those in the developing regions. Numerous companies have taken to this sector and are offering exceptional services. Here’s a list of such companies.

  • About the Nobilis Health Company

The Nobilis Health Company is an icon in the healthcare sector in the US. The company owns and controls more than ten healthcare facilities in Arizona and Texas. These consist of six ambulatory centers, a surgical hospital at Houston, an urgent care center, and two MRI centers. You can find the six ambulatory centers in Arizona, two in Dallas, and three in Houston. The Nobilis also has partnered for marketing relationships with several surgical centers in the US.

  • CVS Health

The CVS Health is a renowned prescription drugs retailer. There are plans to expand the CVS to becoming a fully integrated health services provider.

  • McKesson

McKesson is the largest and the best pharmaceutical distributor in the US. Apart from its pharmaceutical distribution, MCK as well develops, implements and operates software in the medical field. The software business is normally under-appreciated as opposed to the company’s distribution business. The MCK Company offers IT services, for instance, electronic health records, revenue cycle, and health payment plan.

  • United Health Group

The United Health Group offers health care services to over 85 million patients globally. The UHG is the largest health insurer in the US. In addition to that, the CEO Stephen Hemsley is investing heavily in the Optum. Optum is United Health Group health service arm that incorporates health data analytics and pharmacy benefits manager.

  • AmerisourceBergen

The AmerisourceBergen, which is the largest global sourcing services company and a pharmaceutical distributor has experienced greater improvements since they initiated a partnership with Walgreens-Alliance. The collaboration has enabled the two companies to share their generic drug buying and now get substantial discounts from drug manufacturers. The AmerisourceBergen has also invested in the fast-growing animal health sector.

  • Express Scripts Holdings

Express Script is a full-service pharmacy benefits manager. The company has been rewarded by industry consolidation that has helped to improve the company’s bargaining power and cut operational cost. Express Holdings led in consolidation when it bought Medco Health in 2012. The purchase doubled the company’s revenue.

  • Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a drug wholesaler and also makes surgical apparel and gloves. Cardinal invested over $1.97 billion in acquiring Johnson Cordis according to yahoo finance, which is a heart-product business. That helped Cardinal Health to boots the products it offers to the clients.

If you wish to engage in the healthcare industry, ensure you adhere to the rules and regulations. Position yourself in the market and offer the best to your clients.

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The Amazing Life Of Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes10.23.15

Imagine sitting in the front seats of an amazing performance by Michael Jackson. It’s an easy enough situation for most people to think up. Jackson performances are so iconic to modern society that it might well be in the dictionary. But now imagine that the concert is taking place today. Given that Jackson has passed away this might seem a bit more difficult to conceive of. But thousands of people are still enjoying Jackson concerts. And they’re often even having a chance to talk with him before or after the performance. This might seem impossible at first. But that’s only if one isn’t familiar with MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

People unfamiliar with Cortes might raise an eyebrow at the insinuation that anyone could so closely match the King of Pop. But Cortes isn’t just any Jackson impersonator. To a huge number of people he’s the most accomplished Jackson impersonator in the world. It may well be that he’s also the single most accomplished celebrity impersonator of all time as well.

The age at which he began his career is probably one of the biggest factors, right along with his physical resemblance to Jackson. And of course the two items are directly related to each other. Cortes began working on impersonations of Jackson when he was still just a child. It all began when he and his mother were watching TV. A performance by the Jackson 5 came on. It took no time at all for his mother to draw back in shock at what she saw. In front of her she saw her son, and she was also looking at a mirror image of him on TV. The young Cortes and the young Jackson looked almost identical. This prompted Cortes to learn some of Jackson’s mannerisms to amuse his classmates.

But as time passed Cortes continued to look more and more like Jackson. Eventually even reporters would begin to notice the resemblance. This prompted him to take his impersonations more as a way of honoring Jackson than as a minor amusement. He began to learn to sing and to dance. To emulate Jackson’s style of dress and the way he interacted with the public. Eventually Sergio Cortes wound up being able to craft such an amazing reproduction of Jackson’s entire being that it was difficult to tell the two men apart. And since then he’s continued to exemplify something truly amazing. Two men at the height of artistic talent, Jackson and Cortes. A true living legacy to the King of Pop himself.

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The Impersonating Genius Of Sergio Cortes10.20.15

Impersonating celebrities has become very common in the world we live in today. However, this was not always the case. Prior to the death of Elvis Presley, celebrity impersonators were very few and far between. Once Elvis died, people still wanted to see Elvis perform. Since they could no longer see the genuine article, the demand for people who could believably impersonate him grew. Soon afterward, people started to impersonate other celebrities, making a very good living at it in the process. As far as celebrity impersonators are concerned, Sergio Cortes stands alone at the top of the heap. His ability to look, sound and dance like Michael Jackson is truly phenomenal.

When Sergio was a young boy growing up in the country of Spain, he certainly did not have dreams of impersonating a famous singer as a way of making a living. In fact, he was not sure how he would make a living at all. He was a good student. However, when it came time to choose a career for himself, there was nothing that really interested him enough to pursue it. He finished high school and drifted aimlessly from one odd job to the next. He probably would have kept on going like this if fate did not intervene.

Sergio had been a huge Michael Jackson fan for many years, but he never bore any resemblance to the King of Pop. However, after Jackson became the biggest star on the planet, he began undergoing skin bleaching treatments in an attempt to make his skin more pale. Jackson also had numerous nose surgeries, making his nose much thinner than it was before. Because of this, Sergio began to notice that he now looked almost identical to Jackson. In fact, their appearance was so similar that he was now being mistaken for Jackson all the time when he would go out in public. It did not take Sergio too long to figure out how to capitalize on this twist of fate.

Sergio bought himself some clothes that were similar to the clothing that Jackson typically wore on stage when he performed. He began showing up and parties to publicize his impersonation skills. Eventually, he began to be paid for his efforts. Word of Sergio’s uncanny resemblance to Jackson began to spread throughout Spain. Once the King of Pop died, Sergio quickly became the most sought-after Michael Jackson impersonator on the planet.

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Women and Career Prowess with a Focus on Susan Mcgalla10.20.15

Through the years, women have increasingly risen to eminence and are currently occupying various fields as influential and powerful traits. A good example is of Oprah Winfrey, Marissa Mayer, Anne Marie Slaughter, Susan McGalla, Sheryl Sandberg’ and Hillary Clinton, amongst others. The aforementioned are some of the women topping the list of women in the top of their game. Nothing has prevented them from getting to where they are today and if there were any hurdles they got them out of the way within no time. The world of business is one of the fields that have had incredible transformations due to the potential opportunities available.

Susan McGalla is proud of what she has accomplished up to this end. Other than being a business woman, she is an executive consultant based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a marketing professional who got her degree in marketing and business at Mount Union College where she is part of the board of advisors. Susan owns P3 Executive Consulting, a consulting firm that provides a wide range of advice pertaining to the fashion and retail sectors including branding, creativity, and organizational development.

High end finance executives and business people approach Susan when caught up in the hurdles of the marketing and financial sector. Other than this, Susan previously accepted a position from The Steelers, an NFL franchise for Pittsburgh prize. She heads as the director of growth and strategic planning for the Steelers whereby she has aided in the flourishing of its iconic brand. Susan possesses wide-ranging comprehension in the retail business, and her whole career has revolved around the field.

Joseph Horne Company was where Susan’s occupation began in 1986, an organization she worked in varied managerial and marketing positions till 1994. Later that year, she joined American Eagle Outfitters Inc where she also worked in various administrative positions with commitment and hard work. Susan’s efforts did bear fruits, and she grew to be the CMO and President for the corporation’s top American Eagle brand and afterward rose to settle for the position of CMO and president of the entire company.

In the January of 2009, Bizjournals guru Susan McGalla departed from American Eagle Inc and became a personal consultant for the finance and retail industries. During this period, she received several work offers but he refused them. She decided on Wet Seal Inc that was facing some trouble at the time. She outsourced her dexterity and became the organization’s Chief Executive Officer in 2011, January. She parted ways with the company in 2012, July, to establish her own consulting firm P3 Executive Consulting.

Susan is a member of the board at Magee Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundations; and HFF Inc, a public company that offers profitable services in the field of real estate. She is a trustee of the University of Pittsburgh and a previous director Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Susan grew up in Ohio with her two big brothers. She is a wife to Stephen McGalla. She longs for more women taking off gender attitudes from their mindsets as they move ahead in their careers.

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Skout is an online dating and social site that advertises itself as the largest global platform for meeting people. It’s a platform that has connected over 500 million people since 2007.It’s currently experiencing an explosive growth. It’s adding 1.5 million new users every month. Scout is available in 14 languages and spans 180 countries. It has 150 employees. It’s available for free download on Apple store and Google play. Seven months ago it attained profitability.

Skout was founded in 2007 by the Scandinavian duo of Christian Wiklund and Nik Lindstrom.It was one of the pioneers to emphasize particular user location. It has since spawned Nixter (a nightlife app) and Fuse (a timed group messaging app). Skout on techcrunch uses The GPS to triangulate a user’s location.

Skout features a minimalist design language with emphasis on user experience. The account creation process is very straight forward. It takes on average 10 minutes to download the app and start chatting. In the app, you input your personal details and picture. It allows you to specify what exactly you need in the app. You can determine the race, gender and location of your target friends. As a new user, your experience is limited by the number of points you have. It’s their way of monetising the system. For you to unlock some features, you need to buy points. It unlocks some unique parts of the app including backstage photos, ability to download photos and advert free app.

Among the unique functions include Shake to chart feature. Here you shake your phone, and you connected to a random person in some other place. It takes 40 seconds for you to know the identity of your mate. The person can be anywhere in the world and is usually online. It’s a great way of expanding your social circle. Scout also allows you to send out wink bombs. These are attention seeking emoji’s that are broadcast to all your charts. You can even send a friend a gift. With friend invites, you can earn points. Each friend who joins gives you 25 points. You can also buy points to unlock other features. Among these functions is skout travel.

Skout travel is a revolutionary feature that allows you to visit any part of the world virtually. In this feature, you connect with a friend in another city of your interest. This friend then proceeds to take you on a tour of the place through the app.It’s an excellent networking tool that provides a unique experience. This feature has already connected over 10 million people. Some of the people who have met through skout travel have proceeded to take actual tours. This convergence of virtual world with the real world is a new breakthrough in tourism.

Skout is a new way for people to network. It’s breaking new grounds every day through innovative products. In the ever crowded online dating site, it’s providing a unique way for people to meet. Its recent fast growth shows the guys running it are on to something. It will sure change how we meet.

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Doe Deere: Lime Crime’s Beautiful Face10.10.15

Lime Crime makeup is the cosmetics brand on everyone’s lips-both figuratively and literally. The colors and products that make this cosmetics brand stand out from all the rest have created a wide spread buzz about it. Lime Crime’s popularity and growing success are all thanks to the interesting and artistic perspective of the company’s creator.

Doe Deere is the quirky and beautiful founder of Lime Crime makeup and a beauty ambassador to the masses. Her unusual yet appealing look catches you off guard before it captures your heart. It is not too hard to tell that her dedication to fashion is what lead her to create the cosmetics line. Deere has long been bound to the idea that there are more reasons to purchase makeup than to cover imperfections. Lime Crime was created from Deere’s enthusiasm for variety and the idea that makeup should be able to express unique looks that each and every person who wears it. Reflecting individuality through cosmetics has given new life and meaning to purchasing and applying this high-quality makeup. The wide range of options expressive looks available through Lime Crime and brave personality of the beautiful Doe Deere have certainly created a fashion ruckus. Deere may just have herself set up to be the voice of unashamed expression in the fashion industry. Her perspective is fresh, her looks unique, and her products are beyond compare.

Her dreams came true, despite the fact that her start up capital included only a few hundred dollars and a passion for fashion and cosmetics. Lime Crime makeup has a couple of physical locations and a number of online stores that stock and sell the fabulous makeup. It took some time to develop products, build a client base, and find people who support her dream of expression through fashion, but Doe Deere is not known for being timid and understated. Her fans and followers, also known as Team Candyfuture, are loyal to the ideas and fashion senses of this trend-setting cosmetics guru and it doesn’t look like it’s about to stop any time soon. Deere’s devil-may-care fashion sense and her unashamed expression in all of her advertising and modeling have lead her to become and underground fashion icon that may not stay underground very much longer.

Doe Deere is far more than just an inspiration for makeup lovers. Her dedication to expression and persistence in following her passion is inspirational to anyone who lays eyes on this colorful character. Lime Crime is proof that dreams can become reality if you are brave and hard-working. The positivity of Deere’s makeup message gives customers a fresh perspective on how to use cosmetics as an empowerment tool. The future of this trendy lady, much like her fashion preferences, is nothing but bright.

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Tips On The Proper Keyword Strategy10.09.15

Keywords forms an important part of every SEO plan as well as in every marketing strategy for search engines. You will apply SEO to categorize your business and aim at the right audience, and at the same time dictate the kind of content your website will have. Over the years, SEO has significantly transformed to give good results. Through the use of keywords, SEO has risen in SERPs since the final user can get the best results from the search engines.

Keyword stuffing has previously been used as a trick so that search engines to position keywords and variations as many times as possible. This has been used by stuffing the keywords in the title, content and meta descriptions. Keyword stuffing has always been used regardless of whether or not it makes sense. As a result, the final user does not get the search result that can be relied upon. To avoid keyword stuffing when applying your keywords, here are some tips that will guide you through.

Before implementing your keywords strategy, the main question should be, how many keywords should you use? Although you should employ the keywords that you want on your page, it is also important that you focus on the audience you want to attract. Have a look at the following tips.

Your page title should have the keyword. This is important because it communicates to the search engines as well as the searcher about your page.
Put your keywords in the headline. This will help the users to get a compatible topic between the landing page and the search snippet.
Always remember your meta description. This helps to raise your rankings as well as the rate of click-through.
• Use your keywords in the page content. Your keyword should be part of your content.
• Use the keyword in the images. The ALT text and your image filename should include the keyword.
• Avoid extremes. If you feel you have overused the keywords, remove the unnecessary ones.

White Shark Media, a Digital Marketing Agency has become a leader in online marketing solutions. Their services are mainly for small sized and medium enterprises. They have assisted many companies in America grow through the use of online marketing tools and techniques. White Shark Media are committed to the success of their customers. In this regard, they look forward to being more innovative through their affordable marketing solutions, with complete honesty without contracts.

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Madison Street Capital for Best Performance10.08.15

It doesn’t matter where you are currently in your career or where you are going, at the end of the day everyone thinks about retirement. It doesn’t truly matter what your long term objectives are, whether you are trying to take care of a small portfolio or a large one the size of an international fund, you just need to find the right type of help to protect you.

One of the top investment firms that not only has been dominating the local markets, but has grown into a top international fund as well over the recent time. Madison Street Capital has not only been active on the investments side of things, but they have also continued to become one of the strongest investment banking funds all across the globe.

By continuing to provide investment services that go beyond simple monetary transactions and investing assets, a company like Madison Street Capital is truly able to increase wealth and grow the value of firms. Investment banking is not just about throwing money against the wall and seeing what sticks, it is truly about cultivating a firm or company into one that is far more profitable than it could otherwise be.

Many investors take the position of simply investing in other companies. While it is a fairly good and tested strategy overall, there is also somewhat of a passive position associated with simply investing in general. Not only does investing in other companies allow you to diversify out risk, it also minimizes your ability to have direct control over the performance of your business.

By taking a position like Madison Street Capital does and by moving forward with cultivating a company, you are fully able to have a positive impact on your investment. The ability to teach others and allow them to improve is one thing, but when you are fully able to have input from a world class company such a Madison Street Capital, you are absolutely receiving the help you need from an internationally acclaimed company.

When it comes to investments in general, there are more than enough options, markets, and asset classes to go after and test out. However, when it comes to the overall long term performance of a significant corporation, having a powerful ally of an international investment bank is one of the best things that can happen. Look to Madison Street Capital to see how your organization could benefit from today.

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Can Investment Advice Turn Around your Fortunes?10.06.15

There are many various reasons that give people the desire to invest. Some are looking to invest because they are retiring from employment, and some are investing to secure their future while yet others take investing as a career. Whatever the reason, investing is a great thing to get involved.
Investing is a risky affair. Some individuals like to make comparisons, often comparing investing to gambling. Well, there is some truth in this while it is also not entirely true. Just like gambling, investing is taking a risk on your money without being sure if it will bear profits. However, unlike gambling, investment offers an individual more concrete knowledge regarding where they are putting their money. With some research and knowledge on how to manage the investments, one can almost be sure that their investment will bear fruits.
Investment knowledge is not everyones cup of tea. Some people are more informed about the markets than others. In fact, some people have made a career out of learning the markets and trading as well as advising people how and where to invest.
To answer our question, yes indeed investment advice can turn around your fortunes. As an investor, there are key tips one needs to know to be successful at it. Again, the stocks and securities markets can be a tricky affair. Having expert advice in regards to the trends is vital to making astute and worthwhile investments. For instance, any financial expert will always advice against making your entire investment with a single trade. They often advocate for diversification.
Over the years, financial analysts and experts like James Dondero have made it their business to offer financial advice to potential advisors on This usually comes at a fee, but the truth is, it is better to pay up and get the advice than walk into investing blindly. Seeking advice in itself is making an investment in knowledge acquisition. Companies have come up as well to capitalize on the complexity of the market. An example of such a company is Madison Street Capital.
Madison Street Capital is an investment and banking company with interests and clients globally. With excellence, integrity, leadership, not forgetting service delivery as their core principles, Madison Capital provides expertise financial opinions to both individuals and companies as well. Madison Capital has specialized in providing services in the fields of Business Valuation, Corporate Advisory, Valuation for Financial Reporting, Financial Opinions, as well as Asset Management Industry Focus. With clients in America, Africa, and Asia as well, Madison Capital can be regarded an international company.
All in all, the fact remains; indeed, investment advice can contribute to the success of your investments.

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