The Human Rights Foundation Publicizes The Plight Of Gorki Aguila

Posted in Other World News on Sep 02, 2015

Gorki Aguila is known throughout the world as the lead singer of the Cuban rock band Porno para Ricardo. The fame of the band and their recent performances around the world led me to a story about Gorki Aguila published by Fox News Latino, which detailed the work of the Human Rights Foundation to highlight the recent arrest of the singer by Cuban authorities. Human Rights Foundation founder Thor Halvorssen has revealed to the world that Aguila was not only arrested, but Cuban authorities have also threatened to block any future travel by Aguila if his support for dissident groups did not stop.

Aguila was arrested following his support of a Cuban anti government group, The Ladies In White. The group has been in existence since the 2003 Black Spring in Cuba and have been a major source of problems for the Cuban government, Aguila’s support for the group has included the release of a song dedicated to them. The singer has also supported artists in Cuba who have been arrested for showing their descent against the Communist regime in the country.

The arrival of Thor Halvorssen on their YouTube channel and his organization made up of former political prisoners and politicians, which has been seeking to find the best ways of publicizing the plight of political prisoners around the world. Based in New York as shown on Idealist, the Human Rights Foundation has been highlighting the problem of closed communities where human rights are violated on a regular basis. Venezuelan filmmaker Halvorssen recently made headlines around the world when he exposed Lionel Messi for spending time in and around some of the most notorious regimes in the world.

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