The Great and Famous Writers in the History of Brazil

Posted in The Written Word on Sep 10, 2015

The literature in Brazil has really come a long way. This country is known to have been independent from the year 1822. The country is said to be full of culture. One great way of discovering and understanding the beautiful Brazilian culture is through reading Brazilian author’s books.

For the best information about the Brazilian literature, look for Machado De Assisbooks. Machado is known to be among the first writers of the Brazilian literature. One of his great works is the Epitaph of a Small Winner. When slavery was still being practiced in Brazil, Machado was biracial. He has done very well in his career as a novelist, and emerged very successful. He has contributed a lot to the Brazilian society by being more open to various cultures and also mixed races.

Euclides da Cunha is also another great writer from Brazil. He was not only a great writer, but he was also an important and influential politician and he lived from 1866 to 1909. He is mostly remembered by his best-known work the Backlands, which was Canudos Campaign. In this book,He wrote describing the war of Canudos .This was a war of settlers which happened in the town of Canudos .The civilians were protesting about the taxation which they termed as extremely excessive and the local officials were not willing to oblige. Euclides brought out the corruption of the Brazilian armies and showed how poor the population of Canudos actually was.

On other loved author in Brazil was Jorge Amado who born in the 1900s. He is believed to have lived from 1912 to 2001.His books have gained popularity, as well as a lot of criticism. Some of his great books include; Captains of the Sands, the Clove and Cinnamon, and the Gabriela, which are all classics of the Brazilian literature. He writes a lot about the Brazilian people and their customs. Although he teaches about culture mostly in his writings, his books are known to have a lot of humor.

Brazil has some successful women in the literature department. One of them is Adriana Lisboa. She is actually one of the new voices in the Brazilian literature and she is quite popular. even writes that her novels are mainly centered on characters that grew up in Brazil and also about her experiences of traveling in Brazil.

Another top author is Jamie Garcia Dias. Jamie is actually one of Brazil’s most spectacular writers. Throughout his career, he has managed to win five literary awards for his good work. He has published over 20. His most recognized piece is “FellfromHeaven”. Jamie is considered to be one of the leading writers in Brazil, and commands a lot of respect in the field of literature.

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