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The question of human rights is of critical concern to the entire world at this time in human history. As a species, we are learning to understand what it means to be human.

This is a great step in our development and evolution, and though it’s not actualized yet, we’re on the path to becoming smarter and kinder.

Till recently, the question of human rights was hardly an issue. People fortunate enough to be born with wealth and power were the ones able to make decisions for themselves and persons born as lower caste, workers, slaves or serfs had no rights.

How does it happen that the spark to be free which exists in all of us, slowly but surely began to emerge, demanding equality? History reveals that the need for dignity and freedom exceeds the fear of retribution or death and compels some people to risk everything to challenge the Status Quo and demand rights and fairness for themselves and for all.

There is hardly any area of the world where the issue of equitable treatment for all has not emerged. Currently, we are confronted with many examples of people fighting hard and forcing everyone else to accept the simple concept of freedom and equal rights.

Isn’t that what our Declaration of Independence is all about? Is that not what Gandhi and Martin Luther King proclaimed and fought for? Is that not what the refugees surging out of war torn Syria and other areas in the Middle East are demanding? They want the freedom to be happy and safe and decide their own life choices.

The question of human rights is the same question raised by the LBGT community, the same sex marriage issue, and in fact the issue about true religious freedom.

Fortunately there are numerous advocates for basic human rights; individuals who speak out freely or at great personal risk, as well as organizations dedicated to the premise of human equality and fairness.

One such advocate is an immensely brave young woman named Yeonmi Park from the totalitarian country of North Korea. The democratic People’s Republic of North Korea is a perfect example of a country still existing in a feudal mind set, ruled by the Supreme Ruler Kim Jung-un, a true tyrant. Total obedience is expected or one can be tortured and murdered with no compunction.

Yet Yeonmi Park defied all expectations and although her family was sent to a labor camp, suffering great hardship, she and her mother were able to escape to South Korea. She is now a very vocal voice for her people and was named one of the Top 100 Global Women by the BBC and is writing a book about her life, hoping her journey and story will be a factor in bringing change to North Korea.

Humanity is moving toward our own enlightenment, with our own best angels leading the way.

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