Brazil’s Legal Market

Posted in Brazil, Business on Sep 18, 2015

Just as Brazil boasts a proud multi-cultural community, its legal market currently is considered “sophisticated and mature.” There are large elite firms traditionally recognized as full-service leaders in the market. There also are a significant representation of boutique firms alternatively chosen over the large firms for their areas of specialization. The traditional medium size and small Brazilian firms have a strong presence, however, foreign firms may be applying annoying competitive pressure on the Brazilian legal market, and this is an irony. A closing commentary made in an Economist article titled, Foreign Law Firms Keep Out, shows both sides of this subtle skirmish:

“There is a further twist to the tale. ‘The people behind this were battling on behalf of their clients to open up Brazil’s economy to the world in the 1990s,’ says one disillusioned foreigner. ‘So it’s ironic that now they’re trying to protect their own turf.’”, June 23, 2011

Despite this crowding out effect, Brazil’s legal market will retain its client bases that correlate to the level of marketing effort put forth by Brazilian firms and client satisfaction because it would be embarrassing not to do so.

When Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho organized his plan for success many years ago and entered Sao Paolo’s Mackenzie Presbyterian University School of Law, recognized for its excellence in teaching, this type of market defense probably was unfanthomable in his mind. He was preoccupied with legal studies. On beginning the practice of law, Ricardo Tosto, joined a small firm. It took no time for him to become a rising young attorney. He later made the decision to next join a large corporate firm. Today, with over 22 years in the practice of law, he has earned the reputation of a top Brazilian lawyer. His plan succeeded.

Now, Ricardo Tosto is the founder of Leite Tosto e Barros Advogados, a prominent Brazilian law firm, and he is a recognized leader and strategist in legal practice. He places an emphasis on being a credible individual, professional and attorney. His firm specializes in banking, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, and civil litigation. His interns know him as a mentor.

Ricardo Tosto is active in national and international bar associations and a member of the Law Firms and Partnerships Research Centre. He is a former president of São Paulo OAB Commission for Modernisation of the Judiciary and also a founding member of the Brazilian Institute for Electoral and Party Law Research. Ricardo Tosto has written articles and reviews related to the legal practice; is a frequent speaker on legal topics at conferences and events.

For Ricardo Tosto, it’s business as usual, and his clients will agree.

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