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Adam Sender–Art Collector Extraordinaire09.06.15

In preparation for a journey down a road less traveled in his adult life, hedgefund guru, Adam Sender is divesting himself of a portion of his massive art collection via sale and donation. Despite what many in the business world deem a challenging situation, Sender says ” I will still be lucky enough to live with a lot of art.”

Sender cites Tod Levine and unnamed Chelsea art dealers as his mentors/advisers whose expertise enabled him to build an art collection estimated to total 800 works created by 139 artists. The divestment of Sender’s collection with an estimated value of $70 to $80 million and expected to entail an 18-month time span began in May 2014 with a special evening art event hosted by Alex Rotter, who is associated with Sotherby’s Worldwide Contemporary Art Department.

In addition to a 1969 work entitled “Commissioned Painting: A Painting by Edgar Transue” that is believed to have been created by an amateur artist and estimated to carry a price tag of $2 to 3 million, the event will highlight a most interesting painting listed as “Untitled #93.” Anticipated to sell in the same price range, this painting exhibits the backs of two dress/casual attired men negotiating their way along a busy sidewalk.

Among the works that Adam Sender plans to donate to museums is “Other Voices for a Second Slight,” by Vito Acconci. Created in 1974, this art work requires a large amount of space to be properly displayed. During a Miami art event in late 2011, would-be Sender art collection aficionados were treated to a visit to a Sender residence where some 70 paintings were rumored to occupy the walls and ceilings of rooms and closets to include less traditional areas such as a bathroom where hanging above the bathtub is a painting by Richard Price of Brooke Shields as a scantly-robed child standing in a bathtub. Check out Adam Sender’s FB profile.

Adam Sender, who began collecting art in the 1990s was lauded by Lisa Dennison for his appreciation of female artists such as Mickalene Thomas and Sarah Lucas. Unlike most art enthusiasts who collect pieces solely for private display and enjoyment, Adam Sender created a website that has evolved into an art appreciation library. Adam Sender is a well known part-time art collector.

Following graduation with honors from University of Michigan, Adam Sender embarked on a career in the financial world where his lucrative earnings enabled him to pursue his appreciation for contemporary art and to amass an extremely impressive 1960s era collection.

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