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Purina PetCare Focused on Improving Work Experience09.05.15

The relationship between dog and owner is a special bond that those without pets could never understand. Similar to having children, these owners experience the pain and frustration of leaving behind their pets at home while they toil away at work for eight hours each day. In addition to worrying about the safety of their dog, they miss that close interaction they share in this unique relationship. The issues compounded when you realize the dog is going through separation anxiety each time the owner leaves the house in the morning.

Purina is set to change that, but implementing new policies that allow owners to bring their pets to work. Not only would this benefit the dogs, it will benefit the workers, who is turn are more productive at work resulting in the business enjoying a healthier bottom line. This is exactly why Purina is so committed to getting this project off the ground and why they have begun hosting annual events focused on the relationship between dog and owner and the bond they enjoy. I saw on Purina news that they have been hosting national bring your dog to work days, and each year it is growing in popularity.

The premise is that bringing your dog to work will benefit so many that it needs to be addressed to a wider audience. The first benefit is the owner can take walks on their break around the facility with their pet, giving the two a chance to bond and more importantly exercise. The exercise helps to promote a more healthier lifestyle for a pet who would otherwise be lying home on the floor for eight hours or more. The owner also benefits from the exercise, and feels rejuvenated and more relaxed as they tackle the rest of their day.

On the surface this whole idea might seem problematic for those who do not have pets or for the safety of those in the business atmosphere. No two businesses are alike, and there are many guidelines that would have to be met before the animals were allowed to simply show up at work. This is why Purina is so focused on working with business owners to develop strategies unique to their business and discover ways that everyone at the job is happy with the arrangement. The customer must also be considered, because the last thing anyone wants is a pack of dogs running loose on customers in a business environment.

Purina has developed a package with guidelines that will explain in better detail to business owners all the potential benefits, all the ways this can be accomplished, and rules to implement plans that could help improve the bottom line for the company. Each year the event gets more popular as businesses across the country begin participating.

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