QNet’s Move to India Helps Set The Stage For Interest Product Developments

Posted in Uncategorized on Aug 20, 2015

India is quickly becoming the new home to a huge amount of manufacturing. India’s neighbor, China, still remains a prime location in which companies choose to move their production facilities. India is drawing a lot of companies to its borders and is primed to give China a lot of competition. Recently, QNet has decided to make India its new home for production. And India will be the main hub for the direct selling company’s manufacturing duties. In time, 100% of the products sold by QNet are going to be produced in India. The ability to save upwards of 12% of production costs is factoring into that decision.

QNet is a top e-commerce business that promotes the retail sale of its products through a series of affiliate members. Entrepreneurs who wish to earn money through partnering with QNet can amass profits via commissions on sales. Unlike a host of other direct and multi-level marketing companies, QNet provides a tremendously diverse array of products.

The products range from health and wellness items to exquisite jewelry along the lines of Swiss watches. Through having access to a broad array of products, sellers can target more customers.

Then, there is another valuable benefit achieved from having numerous products available for sale. The seller can select those products he or she feels more comfortable selling. Promoting a product you are not familiar with can be a bit difficult. Someone might not be very well versed on watches, but health and wellness items could be something that same person knows a lot about. Knowledge about a product does help enhance the confidence a person needs to be a successful salesperson. With so many products to choose from. an entrepreneur has the ability to select the one most capable of leading to great success.

All of this brings us back to the news that QNet is moving its production facilities to India.

No matter what type of product an entrepreneur hopes to sell, the price has to be right for the consumer who is being targeted. When the price is too high, a lot of customers end up passing. With a competitive price, greater sales figures become possible. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

The lowered production costs achieved by moving production to India makes QNet’s products more competitive price wise. Eventually, that competitive pricing should prove helpful to QNet and all its supporters.

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