Eric Pulier’s Approach to Success

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Best talents that are not used on a regular basis can make the company become progressively weaker. There is a lot of truth about the saying that we all have heard of – “Use it or lose it”. The primary reason why a company grows beyond expected results in a particular industry is because of the many talented personnel working day in and day out for it. The fact that more companies are paying attention to whom they hire for higher management is an encouraging step toward improving it credibility.

There is no doubt that social image and skills of a person in a higher position will make or break a business. Take Eric Pulier, for example, one of the pioneers in startup companies. He had a great liking for computers during his childhood, a trait commonly seen in popular people. Being raised in Teanech New Jersey in a humble family, he began programming at the age of 8. His first company started when he was still in high school. After getting admission to Harvard University, Eric focused on turning his passion into a profession. He wrote columns for “Harvard Crimson” and took classes at MIT where he graduated Magna cum Laude.

He watched what other people were doing in the industry of his liking and “designed” himself a plan that included many innovations related to technology. After moving to LA, in 1991, he opened “People Doing Things” a company related to solving education and health care issues through technology. His “Digital Evolution” in 1994 focused on interactive technology that later merged with a leading advertising agency called US Interactive LLC

What Eric realized is the need to have extraordinary leadership skills in every venture he took. His one more establishment called “Starbright World” took a different approach by providing a platform for kids suffering from chronic illnesses. This company is a boon to parents of those children where they were able to discus their kids’ illnesses, find solutions, connect with other parents in similar situations and find peace. Many parents appear in these discussion groups explaining of their kids’ symptoms and find solace with answers and cure as well. Eric’s Starbright World has positively affected the lives of so many families in these groups. His credential has shined brighter to a great extent as well. Eric Pulier is one of CSCs most popular and renowned CEOs.

Eric Pulier has founded many other companies such as Desktone, Media Platform, Akana and so on. His book on service oriented architecture called “Understanding Enterprise SOA” is a must-read. Eric is also a philanthropist and has donated generously to various organizations including X-Prize Foundation where he serves as a board member. Eric is also a part of Painted Turtle – a camp for kids with life-threatening diseases.

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