BRL Trust Investors Are Studying The Life Sciences Cloud Platform For Investment Opportunities

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TraceLink Inc. recently announced that their Life Sciences Cloud Platform is the first compliance solution to adopt the Brazil Traceability Guideline based on EPCIS standards for Brazil’s marketplace. TraceLink is the world’s largest track and trace network for eliminating counterfeit prescription drugs. BRL Trust thinks TraceLink Inc. may be a good investment especially since the Brazil Ministry of Health is behind the platform. TraceLink is offering its commercially available track and trace platform with the new EPCIS-based implementation guideline to the Brazilian marketplace. That track meets the track and trace requirements of the domestic Brazil supply chain.

Every investment that BRL Trust makes is researched extensively. The three executives that do most of that research are Mauricio Ribeiro, Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes and Rodrigo Cavalcante. All three men focus on different aspects of each investment before a decision is made. The main ingredient in a solid investment is longevity. BRL Trust isn’t looking for companies or products that can’t produce returns over a long period of time. Ribeiro likes to focus on export businesses and other solid commodity investments. Gomes likes to study liquid alternate platforms as well as the typical investment platforms. Tech companies like TraceLink fall under the typical investment platform.

What attracts BRL Trust to TraceLink is the fact that there is an absence of Brazilian compliance standards when it comes to prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are a large part of the retail marketplace, and anything that will enhance the effectiveness of reducing the number of counterfeit drugs in the marketplace could be a good investment, according to Rodrigo Cavalcante, the managing director of BRL Trust.

BRL Trust hasn’t made the decision to invest in this particular prescription platform, but there are conversations about the possibility of investing in this type of technological venture. Whatever BRL Trust decides to do, it will help all their clients maintain exceptional returns on their investments. Here, BRL Trust was written about by

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