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Women in Business are breaking the Gender Bond08.28.15

There was a time when a woman would be overlooked for a job or promotion simply because of her gender. Over the years, the subject of gender has been a sensitive issue in the business world. In many cases women are passed over for promotion even though they are perfectly capable and highly qualified for the position they applied for. In many of these instances, women are secretly looked over specifically because of their gender.

Statistics show that there is a wide gap among men and women in terms of on the job compensation. Women still don’t earn as much for similar jobs and salary numbers reflect this. According to research, a woman makes about 75% of what a man makes doing the same job. Even among women with the same level of education and experience, women often receive far less pay for what they do then men.

In many instances women are deciding that they aren’t going to accept these stilted conditions of employment. More and more, women are deciding to forgo years of uncompensated toil and seize opportunities on their own terms. Women’s business startups and formations are occurring more and more frequently. Women have decided to ignore a class system that holds them them back and embrace responsibility for their own advancement. In doing so they have created jobs, executive positions, and entire companies that are run and operated by women.

New business statistics tell a shocking story about women’s roles in new business startups, according to the numbers, 85% of businesses with corporate structures that start don’t include a female in an executive position. And even more amazing stat is that less than 3% of all new endeavors employ a woman as the CEO.

Contrary to perception, there are many very successful women in the business world. They have thrived and survived based on their skill and talent, in a male-dominated environment.

Executives such as Susan McGalla have managed to carve out an extensive career in the business world. She has been in charge of a numerous high-profile positions, including the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal, one of the most well-known clothing lines in the world. Formerly, she worked with the Joseph Horn Company and was CEO with the American Eagle Outfitters clothing line. As of this writing, she is an executive with the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and works as their Director of Strategic Planning.

Although McGalla’s vast credentials are rare, she is a prime example of women in the market place and what they can do if allowed. It’s been determined in studies that women involved in beginning startups are more focused than men in those organizations. The statistics are substantially more favorable in startups when women were actually in charge.

The various observations of studies tell an interesting story that should be heeded by the business community as a whole. Women in business are proven to be more effective and more resilient than their male counterparts. As more and more women get the opportunity to enter executive positions, their influence will be felt in a more profound sense.

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