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Philanthropy Is Given A High Level Of Importance By Citadel LLC08.27.15

Citadel LLC is well known throughout the financial world, but has also become a major force for change in the US with the growth of the philanthropic side of the hedge fund management company. From an initial investment at the time of establishment by Kenneth Griffin of around $4.6 million the assets of Citadel have grown to around $26 billion and given the company the chance to become extremely active in various communities across the US. Education plays an important role in the lives of Kenneth Griffin and his colleagues at Citadel LLC, who are looking to make sure as many children in the US have the best opportunity to become as educated as possible with the help of charitable organizations.

Kenneth Griffin has seen the importance of education for those who hope to better themselves, but he also understands the way society currently stands those with the least amount need help to create a better life for themselves. Griffin has devoted many of his philanthropic programs to making sure as many children get the chance to attend school and college as possible. In 2015, the estimated wealth of Kenneth Griffin sits at around $5.5 billion, which has allowed Griffin to take charitable steps like donating $150 million to Harvard University to assist those needing financial aid.

As the businessperson who founded Citadel LLC, the hedge fund management company is created largely in the image of its creator.  The Chicago based investment specialists have been active in the community of the windy city and across the US on a national scale. Amongst the programs backed by Citadel LLC is a tutoring course undertaken with the National Museum of Mathematics that sets out to make sure the children of the US taking science and Math courses have the chance to seek expert help as they complete these classes.

Philanthropy can only be undertaken when a company is a success, which Kenneth Griffin has assured the hedge fund business of Citadel LLC will be long into the future. Following the 2008 economic slowdown Citadel and Griffin looked to change its approach and has now become one of the top rated companies as far as risk assessment is concerned. The huge amount of assets managed by Citadel shows how the company followed the correct path in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis and that by following the leadership of Kenneth Griffin the company emerged stronger and more affluent than ever before.

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