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Basking In The Miami Sun Enjoying His Art Collection08.04.15

It is no surprise to anyone who follows the collectors of art who has been soaking up the sun and artwork of late. Although Adam Sender has a tremendous collection of artwork already, he will be selling some of it at auction over the next year or so, and of course, filling some of those empty spots with new artwork as he continually enhances his already large collection.

As Adam Sender (LinkedIn) has always been a collector of Contemporary art since his days as a hedge fund manager, he has acquired a very broad collection of Contemporary art. Today he is looking to liquidate some of that investment and reinvest in what we’re not quite sure. The rumor is Adam Sender has an interest in filmmaking and spends some of his time traveling back and forth from Miami to his home in Bel Air, California where supposedly has an interest in learning more about art of the film world.

Meanwhile, he and his wife Lenore continue their plans to develop a “pop-up exhibition” in one of their vacant homes in Miami, Florida. Adam says it is wonderful having such beautiful art pieces, but very sad if they cannot be enjoyed and shared with friends to view. This is the reason for the move to Florida and the “pop-up exhibition” museum they have planned.

Wonder if they will also be moving their collection of vehicles being housed in the garages of their Sag Harbor property in the Hamptons. The collection consists of two Benz, two Porsche, two Mercedes, and one 1973 El Dorado Cadillac Convertible in mint condition, and a couple of other vehicles to pop in and out of town with. His prize is the Cadillac, and if you could see it, you’d gasp. Sender says that he never purchases anything he isn’t passionate about, and we can just imagine his passion for that beauty.

The apartment Adam Sender (Facebook) and his wife Lenore lived in for years in New York City, SoHo Area, is a penthouse suite on the 36th floor, with three terraces overlooking the SoHo area. You would think it would be exceptional large, composed of 3,600 square feet, which isn’t huge if you are planning to exhibit any of the art collection they have.

This is the reason the Senders have moved to Miami where they have other properties and plan to set one of the homes up in Miami as a “pop-up exhibition” for some of their treasured art pieces to share the beauty with friends they have acquired since their move from the Big Apple to the Miami Beach Area. Once you have lived in the city, it is difficult to leave the city entirely, you always long for a bite of the apple.

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Getting Good Lawyers like Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho in Brazil08.04.15

The role played by lawyers in the society cannot be underestimated. Lawyers are quite imperative in the economy, as some of the best legal minds have been instrumental in making constitutions that guides the affairs of their nations. With adequate experience, lawyers are able to defend their clients through their own law firms and thus, make a decent living. Most people admire lawyers because of their exquisite lifestyles and their prime positions in the society coupled with their education status and ability to represent high-ranking members of the society.
Brazil has many lawyers. In order to get the best lawyer in the market, an individual will be required to undertake different measures. The first measure is considering the comfort levels that one has with the lawyers. If one is not comfortable telling his or her lawyer about personal information, then such a lawyer may not be comfortable to work with and thus, the need to look for another lawyer. One can locate lawyers through visiting the directory of lawyers in Brazil, which also shows their respective locations. In Brazil, lawyers are much interested in solving their client’s problems and they always aspire to be the best in the field of expertise. A client should be concerned to know a lawyers credential before enlisting his or her services. If a lawyer has worked on a given case that is similar to the client’s case, then he or she becomes a good candidate to represent one in such a case, as there is probability or winning the case.
Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a seasoned lawyer who has practiced law in Brazil for long. In Brazilian law, he is regarded as one of the best entrepreneurs. Over the years, Ricardo has represented the high and mighty in the Brazilian society besides large corporations and multinational companies in cases that have earned him a name within the legal circuits. Currently, Ricardo serves as a senior partner at the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advocates. This firm is listed among the top ten best law firms in Brazil. This law firm has built repute on issues of business law, dispute resolution, employment law, economic law, capital markets, international law, and commercial law besides intellectual property and information technology cases.
The lawyer is an author besides being involved in publishing different journals on issues of law. He is a graduate of the prestigious Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. Ricardo holds a postgraduate degree in Business Administration from FAAP. Given his wealth of experience in the legal fraternity, Ricardo has different membership including the Brazilian Bar Association, Law firms and Partnerships Research Center (CESA) and the renowned International Bar Association.
Locating lawyers in Brazil is not a difficult but one needs to consider issues of comfort levels, credentials and past cases held by such lawyers. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a renowned lawyer in Brazil as he has represented diverse clients in high-ranking cases. He has been a member of different organizations owing to his vast experience as a lawyer in Brazil.

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