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Women in Business are breaking the Gender Bond08.28.15

There was a time when a woman would be overlooked for a job or promotion simply because of her gender. Over the years, the subject of gender has been a sensitive issue in the business world. In many cases women are passed over for promotion even though they are perfectly capable and highly qualified for the position they applied for. In many of these instances, women are secretly looked over specifically because of their gender.

Statistics show that there is a wide gap among men and women in terms of on the job compensation. Women still don’t earn as much for similar jobs and salary numbers reflect this. According to research, a woman makes about 75% of what a man makes doing the same job. Even among women with the same level of education and experience, women often receive far less pay for what they do then men.

In many instances women are deciding that they aren’t going to accept these stilted conditions of employment. More and more, women are deciding to forgo years of uncompensated toil and seize opportunities on their own terms. Women’s business startups and formations are occurring more and more frequently. Women have decided to ignore a class system that holds them them back and embrace responsibility for their own advancement. In doing so they have created jobs, executive positions, and entire companies that are run and operated by women.

New business statistics tell a shocking story about women’s roles in new business startups, according to the numbers, 85% of businesses with corporate structures that start don’t include a female in an executive position. And even more amazing stat is that less than 3% of all new endeavors employ a woman as the CEO.

Contrary to perception, there are many very successful women in the business world. They have thrived and survived based on their skill and talent, in a male-dominated environment.

Executives such as Susan McGalla have managed to carve out an extensive career in the business world. She has been in charge of a numerous high-profile positions, including the Chief Executive Officer of Wet Seal, one of the most well-known clothing lines in the world. Formerly, she worked with the Joseph Horn Company and was CEO with the American Eagle Outfitters clothing line. As of this writing, she is an executive with the NFL’s Pittsburgh Steelers and works as their Director of Strategic Planning.

Although McGalla’s vast credentials are rare, she is a prime example of women in the market place and what they can do if allowed. It’s been determined in studies that women involved in beginning startups are more focused than men in those organizations. The statistics are substantially more favorable in startups when women were actually in charge.

The various observations of studies tell an interesting story that should be heeded by the business community as a whole. Women in business are proven to be more effective and more resilient than their male counterparts. As more and more women get the opportunity to enter executive positions, their influence will be felt in a more profound sense.

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Philanthropy Is Given A High Level Of Importance By Citadel LLC08.27.15

Citadel LLC is well known throughout the financial world, but has also become a major force for change in the US with the growth of the philanthropic side of the hedge fund management company. From an initial investment at the time of establishment by Kenneth Griffin of around $4.6 million the assets of Citadel have grown to around $26 billion and given the company the chance to become extremely active in various communities across the US. Education plays an important role in the lives of Kenneth Griffin and his colleagues at Citadel LLC, who are looking to make sure as many children in the US have the best opportunity to become as educated as possible with the help of charitable organizations.

Kenneth Griffin has seen the importance of education for those who hope to better themselves, but he also understands the way society currently stands those with the least amount need help to create a better life for themselves. Griffin has devoted many of his philanthropic programs to making sure as many children get the chance to attend school and college as possible. In 2015, the estimated wealth of Kenneth Griffin sits at around $5.5 billion, which has allowed Griffin to take charitable steps like donating $150 million to Harvard University to assist those needing financial aid.

As the businessperson who founded Citadel LLC, the hedge fund management company is created largely in the image of its creator.  The Chicago based investment specialists have been active in the community of the windy city and across the US on a national scale. Amongst the programs backed by Citadel LLC is a tutoring course undertaken with the National Museum of Mathematics that sets out to make sure the children of the US taking science and Math courses have the chance to seek expert help as they complete these classes.

Philanthropy can only be undertaken when a company is a success, which Kenneth Griffin has assured the hedge fund business of Citadel LLC will be long into the future. Following the 2008 economic slowdown Citadel and Griffin looked to change its approach and has now become one of the top rated companies as far as risk assessment is concerned. The huge amount of assets managed by Citadel shows how the company followed the correct path in the wake of the 2008 global financial crisis and that by following the leadership of Kenneth Griffin the company emerged stronger and more affluent than ever before.

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Eric Pulier’s Approach to Success08.25.15

Best talents that are not used on a regular basis can make the company become progressively weaker. There is a lot of truth about the saying that we all have heard of – “Use it or lose it”. The primary reason why a company grows beyond expected results in a particular industry is because of the many talented personnel working day in and day out for it. The fact that more companies are paying attention to whom they hire for higher management is an encouraging step toward improving it credibility.

There is no doubt that social image and skills of a person in a higher position will make or break a business. Take Eric Pulier, for example, one of the pioneers in startup companies. He had a great liking for computers during his childhood, a trait commonly seen in popular people. Being raised in Teanech New Jersey in a humble family, he began programming at the age of 8. His first company started when he was still in high school. After getting admission to Harvard University, Eric focused on turning his passion into a profession. He wrote columns for “Harvard Crimson” and took classes at MIT where he graduated Magna cum Laude.

He watched what other people were doing in the industry of his liking and “designed” himself a plan that included many innovations related to technology. After moving to LA, in 1991, he opened “People Doing Things” a company related to solving education and health care issues through technology. His “Digital Evolution” in 1994 focused on interactive technology that later merged with a leading advertising agency called US Interactive LLC

What Eric realized is the need to have extraordinary leadership skills in every venture he took. His one more establishment called “Starbright World” took a different approach by providing a platform for kids suffering from chronic illnesses. This company is a boon to parents of those children where they were able to discus their kids’ illnesses, find solutions, connect with other parents in similar situations and find peace. Many parents appear in these discussion groups explaining of their kids’ symptoms and find solace with answers and cure as well. Eric’s Starbright World has positively affected the lives of so many families in these groups. His credential has shined brighter to a great extent as well. Eric Pulier is one of CSCs most popular and renowned CEOs.

Eric Pulier has founded many other companies such as Desktone, Media Platform, Akana and so on. His book on service oriented architecture called “Understanding Enterprise SOA” is a must-read. Eric is also a philanthropist and has donated generously to various organizations including X-Prize Foundation where he serves as a board member. Eric is also a part of Painted Turtle – a camp for kids with life-threatening diseases.

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BRL Trust Investors Are Studying The Life Sciences Cloud Platform For Investment Opportunities08.24.15

TraceLink Inc. recently announced that their Life Sciences Cloud Platform is the first compliance solution to adopt the Brazil Traceability Guideline based on EPCIS standards for Brazil’s marketplace. TraceLink is the world’s largest track and trace network for eliminating counterfeit prescription drugs. BRL Trust thinks TraceLink Inc. may be a good investment especially since the Brazil Ministry of Health is behind the platform. TraceLink is offering its commercially available track and trace platform with the new EPCIS-based implementation guideline to the Brazilian marketplace. That track meets the track and trace requirements of the domestic Brazil supply chain.

Every investment that BRL Trust makes is researched extensively. The three executives that do most of that research are Mauricio Ribeiro, Rodrigo Boccanera Gomes and Rodrigo Cavalcante. All three men focus on different aspects of each investment before a decision is made. The main ingredient in a solid investment is longevity. BRL Trust isn’t looking for companies or products that can’t produce returns over a long period of time. Ribeiro likes to focus on export businesses and other solid commodity investments. Gomes likes to study liquid alternate platforms as well as the typical investment platforms. Tech companies like TraceLink fall under the typical investment platform.

What attracts BRL Trust to TraceLink is the fact that there is an absence of Brazilian compliance standards when it comes to prescription drugs. Prescription drugs are a large part of the retail marketplace, and anything that will enhance the effectiveness of reducing the number of counterfeit drugs in the marketplace could be a good investment, according to Rodrigo Cavalcante, the managing director of BRL Trust.

BRL Trust hasn’t made the decision to invest in this particular prescription platform, but there are conversations about the possibility of investing in this type of technological venture. Whatever BRL Trust decides to do, it will help all their clients maintain exceptional returns on their investments. Here, BRL Trust was written about by

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Finding a Home in Houston08.20.15

Houston’s real estate market is booming right now. While the majority of the country suffers from an economic slowdown, Houston continues ahead, thanks to the presence of a strong oil and gas industry. The real estate in Houston is doing fantastically well, making it a hot housing market compared to the rest of the nation.

Let’s discuss a little bit about what Houston has to offer potential home buyers. To start off, no talks of Houston would be complete without a mention of the climate. To put it simply, Houston is very hot and humid during the summer months. If that type of weather isn’t your cup of tea, Houston might not be the best place for you. However, for those who can withstand the heat, know that Houston is very widely air conditioned, so you’ll always be able to stay cool as long as you’re inside. In the winter months, Houston’s weather is much more mild, therefore, more tolerable.

Houston is also very spread out. When people talk about the city, they could very well be referring to a variety of areas. Driving from one side of the city to the other could take some time, so don’t assume that because your home and your job are both in Houston that your commute won’t take much time. Chances are, you’re going to deal with at least an hour difference.

Speaking of commutes, you should be aware that Houston has less than favorable traffic. But that comes with almost every major metropolitan area. This means you should consider and carefully select where your home is in ties to your work place or else you could find yourself stuck in traffic for most of the time. Plan ahead and do your research before deciding on your home.

Houston, of course, isn’t all heat, traffic, and distance. It is also home to a wide variety of amazing restaurants, stores, sports, nightlife options, and family activities. One popular hang out spot in the Houston area is the Highland Village shopping center.
Owned by Haidar Barbouti, the shopping center boasts over 100 shops that are sure to please any customer. Barbouti, along with owning a sublime piece of real estate, also owns a restaurant. His inspiration, he says, came from a trip to Europe. He didn’t want his establishment to resemble that of other restaurants. Despite having no experience in the field nor lack of a culinary degree, he has always been aware of two important things: how to make money and what good food tastes like.

The restaurant is not trendy, it just serves good food, says Barbouti of his restaurant. He chooses every dish that is featured on the menu and also tastes and tweaks the recipes if needed. He knows his way around the kitchen and insists on a certain, high level of quality for those who come to eat there. The man most certainly knows good food when he tastes it and can converse about food with even the most established chefs and food critics. He stands by the mantra that you’re not going be good at something unless you put 100% of your efforts behind it and are passionate about what you’re doing.

If you find that Houston is the best place for you and your family, make sure to do all of your research, study the area that you’d hope to live, and get to know the area. You’ll find that Houston really is one of the best places to live if you give it a chance.

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The Importance of Wikipedia08.20.15


Wikipedia is one of the most important collections of knowledge in the history of the world. Throughout history, one of the biggest challenges that everyone faced was the collection of knowledge. Wikipedia was started as a free website that has grown over the years. There are several important aspects about Wikipedia that must be remembered. First of all, all of the content that is in Wikipedia is from its users. People can go in and edit or write new articles. At one time, make a Wiki page on getyourwiki was known for having incorrect information. However, over time they have spent more time and resources in monitoring what goes on the site and making sure they provide the best information possible through their site. Here are some things to keep in mind when using or adding content to Wikipedia.

Use Sources

In order to increase the validity of the site, it is important to use sources whenever writing an article. The best Wikipedia articles are those that use sources from a primary source. At the end of the day, this is the best way for Wikipedia to continue its growth. The reason for this is that Wikipedia is already the largest collection of knowledge on the internet. However, some people still have doubts about how accurate the information truly is. This is why it is important for sources to be used in the articles. Not only will this make the article more accurate, but it will also increase the validity of the site to others.

Editing Articles

Another positive about Wikipedia is the fact that anyone can go in and edit Wikipedia articles. This means that if an article has incorrect information, it is up to the community to correct it. There is a lot more effort that goes in to fixing Wikipedia articles than what it used to be. This has helped to increase the accuracy of the site over time.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Wikipedia is one of the largest and most important sites on the internet today. There are few places that have as much content that is free for anyone to use. Wikipedia is also unique in the fact that they rely on users to produce and edit content. Whenever writing an article for Wikipedia, always be sure to use good sources and cite them in the article in order to increase its accuracy.

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QNet’s Move to India Helps Set The Stage For Interest Product Developments08.20.15

India is quickly becoming the new home to a huge amount of manufacturing. India’s neighbor, China, still remains a prime location in which companies choose to move their production facilities. India is drawing a lot of companies to its borders and is primed to give China a lot of competition. Recently, QNet has decided to make India its new home for production. And India will be the main hub for the direct selling company’s manufacturing duties. In time, 100% of the products sold by QNet are going to be produced in India. The ability to save upwards of 12% of production costs is factoring into that decision.

QNet is a top e-commerce business that promotes the retail sale of its products through a series of affiliate members. Entrepreneurs who wish to earn money through partnering with QNet can amass profits via commissions on sales. Unlike a host of other direct and multi-level marketing companies, QNet provides a tremendously diverse array of products.

The products range from health and wellness items to exquisite jewelry along the lines of Swiss watches. Through having access to a broad array of products, sellers can target more customers.

Then, there is another valuable benefit achieved from having numerous products available for sale. The seller can select those products he or she feels more comfortable selling. Promoting a product you are not familiar with can be a bit difficult. Someone might not be very well versed on watches, but health and wellness items could be something that same person knows a lot about. Knowledge about a product does help enhance the confidence a person needs to be a successful salesperson. With so many products to choose from. an entrepreneur has the ability to select the one most capable of leading to great success.

All of this brings us back to the news that QNet is moving its production facilities to India.

No matter what type of product an entrepreneur hopes to sell, the price has to be right for the consumer who is being targeted. When the price is too high, a lot of customers end up passing. With a competitive price, greater sales figures become possible. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

The lowered production costs achieved by moving production to India makes QNet’s products more competitive price wise. Eventually, that competitive pricing should prove helpful to QNet and all its supporters.

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Dan Newlin: Super Lawyer On A Mission08.20.15

A Lawyer With A Mission

Some lawyers stand out more than others for the work that they do. It is simply a matter of fact that some are more capable of getting the job done than others. A lot of this has to do with how serious they are about trying to win the cases that they are assigned. Those who take the time to put in the work get better results. This is what has made Dan Newlin stand out as a great lawyer in the Orlando, Florida area.

Newlin Wins A Big Case

Newlin goes to work for his clients the minute that they retain him to represent them. He proved this when he recently won a case that involved a young person who sustained a severe brain damage. The young woman has been in a coma since 2012 after a freak accident in which the woman was hit by a stray bullet fired by a gang member. Newlin took over the case for the family and won the family a $100 million settlement for the issues that their daughter went through and for the medical care that is still ongoing in her case.

A lesser lawyer probably could not have gotten as much money or have gotten it as quickly as that.

A Jack Of All Trades

Mr. Newlin has not been a lawyer for his entire career, before that he had worked both as a police officer and also as a firefighter. This is important because it helped him see other sides of justice. He now works with these types of individuals on a regular basis, but in the past he was one of them. Check out Dan Newlin’s page on Facebook.

Being a lawyer with this kind of history gives the man a unique look at the way that the justice system works in the very early stages of it. A lot of lawyers never get the opportunity to see this kind of thing. They just see the end result and work on their cases in the courtroom. When you have actually been down on the ground and viewed how crimes are dealt with by law enforcement, then you have a better sense of the whole process out in the field.

Expanding The Practice

Now, Newlin is ready to expand his practice to help out even more people in the area. He wants to prove to them that he is there to help and that he can do a lot of good for them. If this works out, then even more in the Orlando area will get to enjoy the services that this individual has served up for greater than 10 years at this point.

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Eric Pulier Bringing CSC into the Future08.19.15

It seems that everywhere we look at these days there is technology involved with our life. This is very much true both on a personal and on a business level. When looking at companies there are many different aspects and industries that utilize technology for efficiency and redundancy. At the Computer Science Corporation also known as CSC they provide professional and information technology services to both government and non-government entities. The company was founded in 1959 and has since adapted and changed with the times and the needs of consumers and businesses alike. They offer business solutions including cloud options, big data analysis, application services and more. CSC employees over 90,000 individuals in 70 countries. They have offices within the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe, Ireland and the UK to name a few. CFCs headquarters are in Falls Church Virginia where it has been located since it was founded.

Eric Pulier- Managing Director of Cloud Services
Eric Pulier served as a vice president and managing director of cloud services at CSC. Eric is an entrepreneur, businessman, author, and philanthropist. He started his studies in 1984 at Harvard. You later graduated in 1988. During this time, he also took classes at the neighboring College that is well known across the globe, MIT. Eric philanthropy efforts include being the co-founder of many different organizations. One of those organizations is called The Painted Turtle. The Painted Turtle is a summer camp located in California for children that suffer from terminal and chronic illnesses. Eric has been programming computers since he was in the fourth grade so it comes as no surprise to many that he has excelled in the IT field.

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Brian Bonar Leads ITEC With PEO Acquisition Strategy08.18.15

There’s a battle going on in business that never ends. The fight is for market share and the acquisition of new customers. New customers are the lifeblood that sustains all companies. They need constant supplies of new clients to keep their revenues growing and their financial outlooks healthy. There are only so many ways to get these new customers. All methods have been tried and a few of them have proven very successful. One method, in particular, that remains popular with company managers is the acquisition.

Acquiring another company represents a quick and clean way to pick up that company’s assets. That includes any pertinent infrastructure, key personnel, and the company’s customer base. The acquiring company also has the added advantage of reducing expenses and consolidating operations for additional profitability. All it takes is capital and a cohesive strategy for when the acquisitions take place. One company that has been doing a great job using this strategy recently is Imaging Technologies, which trades over the counter as ITEC. The company, led by seasoned CEO Brian Bonar, has made a number of moves in the professional employer organization (PEO) vertical that has industry leaders taking notice.

Bonar is orchestrating a plan that he feels will take ITEC to the next level. That could just be the tip of the iceberg if Bonar has his way. The company is planning on taking on many more such acquisitions if they make good sense. The plan is to build a robust sales force that is capable of selling all the products in the ITEC portfolio. The company offers a wide range of services to small and medium-sized businesses. The PEO sector adds many new customers who need managed services across the broad spectrum of products and services that ITEC offers. This can start with the human resources and payroll modules and then grow from there. Here, Brian Bonar was discussed in a press release by PRNewsWire.

ITEC is committed to a sustainable model of internal growth by taking over promising enterprises in the correct verticals. If they feel a target is right for them, Bonar and his team act boldly. There’s no time to delay when you’re building a world class company. So far the moves have been getting high marks from analysts and insiders alike. They understand how the synergy of the deals can add to overall profits. This applause is likely to continue as long as the deals keep opening up. Since ITEC has earned a reputation as a company that acquires other firms, it seems highly probably that new opportunities will continue to present themselves.

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