The “Fair-Weather Friends” of Comic-Con 2015

Posted in culture on Jul 20, 2015

The San Diego Comic-Con has grown wildly in attendance steadily over the past ten years including those in the business industry like Susan McGalla. The rise of superhero films in the cinema definitely contributed greatly the mainstream popularity of conventions. TV series such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones also helped make fantasy and science-fiction popular to those who once shunned the genre.

Those who attend Comic-Con have to be mindful that such mainstream popularity is fleeting, though. To the serious fan, whether or not comic-related movies or TV shows are “hot” means nothing. They are enthusiastic about such programming regardless of what others feel. Of course, fans also realize that the more popular comic, sci-fi, and fantasy movies, books, and films become, the more of them we are going to see. As long as the quality of the new material is good, producing more is a great thing.

Still, at some point, when the “fad” is over, a lot of these fair-weather fans are going to disappear. Such is the natural cycle of pop culture and entertainment. Regardless, the San Diego Comic-Con should still be around for many years to come, even if dark clouds cover beloved genres.

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