QNET: The Best Professionals in Direct Selling

Posted in Business Growth on Jul 29, 2015

QNET is a leading company in Asia offering direct selling services and creating opportunities through e-commerce platform. The objective of QNET is to enable entrepreneurs venture in to business using very minimal overheads. The company has hard working and dedicated distributors or Independent Representatives (IRs) who engage with clients to ensure their needs are addressed accordingly. QNET has been empowering people in order to succeed in their business undertakings.


The founders of this company have embraced the concept of in-service as a critical feature of leadership. The first priority is to cater for the needs of their clients with humility and as a result, reveal their leadership quality. Indeed, they recognize that people are their greatest assets in their possession. As such they ensure high quality services are offered all the time to satisfy clients based on their needs.


QNET has several products which are of high standard and quality. The company has adopted most functional and rewarding techniques that have greatly benefited their clients. The distribution network of QNET is focused towards a collective aspiration for people to achieve financial independence. Furthermore, the company has ventured and partnered with other institutions dealing with other activities like sports. Presently, they have partnered with Manchester City Football Club for a period of three years.


QNET is aimed at practicing professional marketing because it’s considered as the most important aspect of facilitating business dealings. The company has well outlined code of ethics and other regulations that are adhered to by all IRs. The company has an advisory board comprising a team of direct selling and legal professionals offering the right professional and marketing advice to the company as well as the IRs.


QNET strives to ensure transparency and legitimate activities regardless where the business is done. The company celebrates diverse culture and ethnic background for their employees. The leadership team and other staffs have been recruited from more than thirty countries. The company attracts customers from more than 100 countries and they are still spreading their wings.


Many businesses have embraced direct selling as their perfect model of moving their products and services right to their customers. QNET has developed crucial apps to ensure different businesses have enjoyed this service. When using this app, direct point-of-sale and supply channel are achieved without including physical intermediaries like in the traditional method. This multibillion-dollar industry has greatly transformed the modern business sector by involving professional network marketing strategies to enable them connect to their clients either in person, by phone or through online. This connection is achieved through networkers referred to as IRs at QNET.

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