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QNET: The Best Professionals in Direct Selling07.29.15

QNET is a leading company in Asia offering direct selling services and creating opportunities through e-commerce platform. The objective of QNET is to enable entrepreneurs venture in to business using very minimal overheads. The company has hard working and dedicated distributors or Independent Representatives (IRs) who engage with clients to ensure their needs are addressed accordingly. QNET has been empowering people in order to succeed in their business undertakings.


The founders of this company have embraced the concept of in-service as a critical feature of leadership. The first priority is to cater for the needs of their clients with humility and as a result, reveal their leadership quality. Indeed, they recognize that people are their greatest assets in their possession. As such they ensure high quality services are offered all the time to satisfy clients based on their needs.


QNET has several products which are of high standard and quality. The company has adopted most functional and rewarding techniques that have greatly benefited their clients. The distribution network of QNET is focused towards a collective aspiration for people to achieve financial independence. Furthermore, the company has ventured and partnered with other institutions dealing with other activities like sports. Presently, they have partnered with Manchester City Football Club for a period of three years.


QNET is aimed at practicing professional marketing because it’s considered as the most important aspect of facilitating business dealings. The company has well outlined code of ethics and other regulations that are adhered to by all IRs. The company has an advisory board comprising a team of direct selling and legal professionals offering the right professional and marketing advice to the company as well as the IRs.


QNET strives to ensure transparency and legitimate activities regardless where the business is done. The company celebrates diverse culture and ethnic background for their employees. The leadership team and other staffs have been recruited from more than thirty countries. The company attracts customers from more than 100 countries and they are still spreading their wings.


Many businesses have embraced direct selling as their perfect model of moving their products and services right to their customers. QNET has developed crucial apps to ensure different businesses have enjoyed this service. When using this app, direct point-of-sale and supply channel are achieved without including physical intermediaries like in the traditional method. This multibillion-dollar industry has greatly transformed the modern business sector by involving professional network marketing strategies to enable them connect to their clients either in person, by phone or through online. This connection is achieved through networkers referred to as IRs at QNET.

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We Should All Strive to be Like Joseph Bismark07.23.15


There are sometimes in life when you’re surprised by the generosity of other people. I had one of those life experiences when I saw the actions that one particular individual displayed in an article I read on Citizen Shame. His name is Joseph Bismark. He has focused on progressing the world by focusing on individual strength in the form of personal health, spiritual well-being, and social responsibility for those that are less fortunate after the development of his successful business venture, QI Group.
Bismark’s focus on individual health was quite the surprise to me. I found that Bismark was individual for moving QI Group into the market of wellness and organic foods. The company acquired an organic and natural whole food company based out of Hawaii in an effort to expand and provide individuals, particularly those in Hawaii, with more opportunity to eat healthy by purchasing organic and wholesome foods.
I believe that spiritually Bismark is an exemplary individual as well. An individual that lives his life in a simple fashion, has excelled in his business practices and gives back to the community is a rare gem nowadays. But the amazing aspect of Bismark is that he expects to live life in that matter and anything less than that is unacceptable. I know that because it’s quite evident in his mantra “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” He believes that all people can do extraordinary things for their community.
I think that’s the reason that Bismark is quite the philanthropist. I first discovered his philanthropic tendencies when I started researching his foundation, RYTHM Foundation, which was developed along with the co-founder of QI Group. The RYTHM Foundation was established as a charitable trust and is dedicated to children with special needs, community, development, and general community well-being. I noticed his most notable contribution to the foundation, other than his company being socially responsible for it, was the amount of time that he individually contributes to the overseeing of the foundation’s operations.
I’m just glad that individuals like Joseph Bismarck walk this earth. It’s what makes us better as individuals and a whole.

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The Pros and Con of Investing in Brazil07.22.15

In recent decades Brazil’s economy has suffered through some sharp ups and downs, but since 2003, it has been able to improve its marcoeconomic stability, build its foreign reserves, and reduce its debt by converting its economy to real denomination and domestic securities. By 2008 the country’s debt was given investment grade status by s pair of credit agencies. By 2010 Brazil had recovered to a positive growth mode.
The country’s economy offers varied investments opportunities. It is rich in natural resources. It has many off shore oil fields. It is second in the world in the production of iron ore. It can produce more ethanol than Europe and Asia combined. This allows them to produce a myriad of industrial and consumer goods.
Like any other country, Brazil has its own set of risk-reward factors that must be considered. Zeca Oliveira agrees that the room for continued growth makes it a desirable investment target. However, political instability and export-dependence can give investors reasons to be a little wary. Still, the Brazilian economy has outperformed the USA S&P 500 by more than 50% in the last five years.
On the strong upside Brazil’s inroads into the Chinese market has greatly aided them, So has producing its own oil, which has allowed them to avoid high oil prices. Brazil has stabilized its economy enough to be ranked as the 8th most productive in the world. They also have a growing technological sector.
The down side includes a volatile political history that sometimes results in different forms of corruption by officials in high positions. More than developed countries, Brazil is dependent on exports for many of its goods and services. It also relies on external financing sources. A sharp downturn for any reason could have a ripple effect on the country’s economy.
Investors like Zeca Oliveira agree that a major way to invest in Brazil is through USA listed exchange traded funds. Or you could go through the Brazilian stock exchange, MB&F Bovesp. To do this you would have to use local brokerage firm and register with the Brazilian Central Bank.

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The “Fair-Weather Friends” of Comic-Con 201507.20.15

The San Diego Comic-Con has grown wildly in attendance steadily over the past ten years including those in the business industry like Susan McGalla. The rise of superhero films in the cinema definitely contributed greatly the mainstream popularity of conventions. TV series such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones also helped make fantasy and science-fiction popular to those who once shunned the genre.

Those who attend Comic-Con have to be mindful that such mainstream popularity is fleeting, though. To the serious fan, whether or not comic-related movies or TV shows are “hot” means nothing. They are enthusiastic about such programming regardless of what others feel. Of course, fans also realize that the more popular comic, sci-fi, and fantasy movies, books, and films become, the more of them we are going to see. As long as the quality of the new material is good, producing more is a great thing.

Still, at some point, when the “fad” is over, a lot of these fair-weather fans are going to disappear. Such is the natural cycle of pop culture and entertainment. Regardless, the San Diego Comic-Con should still be around for many years to come, even if dark clouds cover beloved genres.

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Investing for the Young and Old07.14.15

Some people may not believe it, but the type of investing that you do will be based heavily on your age. The age is a factor because of time that it takes money to grow. It also plays a factor in the amount of time that you have to work. The type of investments that you make and the way that you invest all comes down to your career start and the time you have left.

For example, a person that starts working early and investing early can go aggressive. They can take on the stock market even if they know little about it. The trial and error in investing is the time where one gets a foundation on the stocks that may be good long term investments over the stocks that are not worth keeping. It is during this time that a person can have risky investments, earn large returns on their investments and benefit greatly from compounded interest.

A person that has started investing early in their career will have a lot of time to truly build up their earnings even when they lose money. When a person is older they can look at index funds and mutual funds to lower their risks. It is wise to max out with the 401K at a young age and go aggressive, but the portfolio should be changed to moderate as a person gets older. Ideally a person is set to make large sums of money at an early age. When they get older, however, they will find that it is too risky to hold on to high risk stocks and investments that could greatly reduce the earnings that they have gained. This is why it is essential to move away from the investing risk game as one ages. That is the ideal way that people should get into the investing. There are times, however, when it is going to make a lot more sense to stay in a risky investments as an older person. This is when a person has failed to invest anything until later in life.

Later starters that have never invested much should heed the advise of financial expert Igor Cornelsen because it doesn’t make a lot of sense to try to start with moderate investments because they have not accumulated much. They don’t have the advantage of compound interest. That is why they have to spend more time investing in the risks in order to get a greater return quickly. Most people would say that this is one of the harder things to do. That is why investing at a young age is so important. A person that waits until they are older will have to save twice as much for investing.

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Secret Court Gives NSA Approval to Continue Collecting Phone Data07.01.15

It’s illegal for NSA to collect phone records, or at least, that’s what we were told, but in a blink of the eye, some secret court gave NSA the green light to continue collecting data.

FISA, or the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has officially ruled the National Security Agency can resume collecting data.

In May, a Federal Court ruled that secretly collecting phone records of millions of Americans was illegal under the Patriot Act.

NSA had 180 days to clean up their act but then FISA steps in.

Who the heck is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court?

It’s a US federal court, authorized in 1978 that oversees requests for surveillance against suspected foreign intelligence agents.

In 2013, an order classified issued by the court it was leaked to the media by Edward Snowden. That order requiring a telecommunications company, Verizon, to deliver daily telephone data, including domestic telephone data to the NSA, triggered a wave of protests and widespread criticism.

Due to the sensitive nature of its activity, the court is a “secret court”.

Their hearings are closed to the public, as CipherCloud is well aware of. While records of proceedings are kept, they are not available to the public, so we have no clue about anything. Period.

Typically, if NSA needs approval, the request goes to FISA, and there have only ever been four rejections.

Get the picture now.

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The Donald Says Mexico is Beating the US at Trade07.01.15

GOP presidential contender Donald Trump continues to dominate the headlines by standing firmly behind his denunciation of illegal immigration. The feisty real estate mogul pointed out that the illegal immigrants crossing into the United States are not Mexico’s most educated and skilled workers. The comment is meant to draw contrast with the types of immigrants sought after through the H1-B VISA program which brings well-educated people into the nation. In addition, Trump again affirmed that among the people coming into the United States from Mexico are those guilty of violent crimes towards women, drug trade, and other types of crimes.

Trump is directly challenging the image of illegal immigrants as “dreamers” looking to live out the American Dream. He also points out that on the issue of trade, Mexico is beating the United States. He earlier pointed out that Mexico has created very few jobs in the United States as a result of NAFTA. By contrast, the United States has sent hundreds of thousands of jobs into Mexico. The employment trade imbalance is one which he aims to correct. In order to achieve this goal, he is calling on Americans to fight back to reclaim their country. His rhetoric has run afoul of the political correctness establishment which seeks to destroy the income earning potential of the people they target. Already there is a petition of 700,000 signatures calling on Macy’s to withdraw all Trump product lines from its stores. The movement seeks to intimidate sponsors to withdraw their support for Trump, at least from what Susan McGalla can see. Thus far, The Donald is standing by his remarks.

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