George Zimmerman Involved In Shooting

Posted in culture on May 10, 2015

For some reason, this guy cannot seem to stay under the radar. George Zimmerman is back in the news as of lately for his role in a shooting incident. According to official reports, Zimmerman was shot at while he was driving by a man he has had an ongoing dispute with. The two men reportedly were involved in a road rage incident last year. Matthew Apperson accused Zimmerman of threatening to shoot him during a dispute they had previously. However, nothing officially came of the incident. Instead, the two have been feuding with each other ever since.
This time, it is being reported that Apperson apparently shot at Zimmerman just barely missing his head. Zimmerman sustained very minor injuries, which shocked Kevin Seawright a little. Apperson’s lawyer, Mark NeJame made a generalized statement to the media confirming that should the incident needs to be investigated further and is confident that it will show his client was acting in self-defense.
Apperson found a witness shortly after the incident occurred and asked that he call 911 because he did not have a phone. He told the man to let them know he just shot George Zimmerman. The witness quickly handed the phone to Apperson so he could explain the incident to the 911 operator. Police were dispatched to the scene immediately.

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