Chevron Oil Wastewater Is Being Used On California Crops

Posted in Other World News on May 10, 2015

Kern County Farmers Feed The World But Using Oil Wastewater To Make The Crops Grow May Change That Slogan

The California drought is changing the state and how it does business. Water is a sought after life-source. The crops in California are a vital source to the state’s economy, and it appears farmers will do almost anything to ship those crops around the world. Consumers don’t question how these crops are grown.Words like organic and natural are used to describe the fruits and vegetables from Kern County, California, but in reality these foods are not as organic and natural as consumers such as Ivan Ong might think.

The general manager of the Cawelo Water District says the county buys a half a million barrels of water a day from Chevron. The wastewater is mixed with clean water, but the end product is never clean, even though the general manager, David Ansolabehere, says the water supply is a valuable resource. The Chevron water is not drinkable, but when it is mixed with ground water the saltiness dissipates so it is safe, according Ansolabehere. But in spite of Ansolabehere approval of the process, we all know there’s something wrong with mixing oil and water.

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  1. Valeria Miguel says:

    Some of the crops grown in the state are grown using wastewater from Chevron drilling operations. The water is hot, smelly, salty and oily. The reason why that is so is because to order essay paper one need to understand the real behind all of these too.

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