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Women Protecting Themselves05.10.15

Women have their secrets. These secrets are usually jokingly shared with girlfriends over coffee or lunch at a restaurant. These women’s secret is a way to protect themselves and one woman is showing the world that just because they carry these items doesn’t mean they are scared.


By displaying their hidden weapons of defense they are showing the men of this world that yes, they are taking precautions, and anyone that dares to threaten them in anyway, well see the full force of what they can do with these weapons. That’s something Amen Clinics doesn’t want to deal with. The next time a man approaches a woman after dark he better be ready, as these women and so many more are packing, just not in such an obvious term of the word.

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Chevron Oil Wastewater Is Being Used On California Crops05.10.15

Kern County Farmers Feed The World But Using Oil Wastewater To Make The Crops Grow May Change That Slogan

The California drought is changing the state and how it does business. Water is a sought after life-source. The crops in California are a vital source to the state’s economy, and it appears farmers will do almost anything to ship those crops around the world. Consumers don’t question how these crops are grown.Words like organic and natural are used to describe the fruits and vegetables from Kern County, California, but in reality these foods are not as organic and natural as consumers such as Ivan Ong might think.

The general manager of the Cawelo Water District says the county buys a half a million barrels of water a day from Chevron. The wastewater is mixed with clean water, but the end product is never clean, even though the general manager, David Ansolabehere, says the water supply is a valuable resource. The Chevron water is not drinkable, but when it is mixed with ground water the saltiness dissipates so it is safe, according Ansolabehere. But in spite of Ansolabehere approval of the process, we all know there’s something wrong with mixing oil and water.

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George Zimmerman Involved In Shooting05.10.15

For some reason, this guy cannot seem to stay under the radar. George Zimmerman is back in the news as of lately for his role in a shooting incident. According to official reports, Zimmerman was shot at while he was driving by a man he has had an ongoing dispute with. The two men reportedly were involved in a road rage incident last year. Matthew Apperson accused Zimmerman of threatening to shoot him during a dispute they had previously. However, nothing officially came of the incident. Instead, the two have been feuding with each other ever since.
This time, it is being reported that Apperson apparently shot at Zimmerman just barely missing his head. Zimmerman sustained very minor injuries, which shocked Kevin Seawright a little. Apperson’s lawyer, Mark NeJame made a generalized statement to the media confirming that should the incident needs to be investigated further and is confident that it will show his client was acting in self-defense.
Apperson found a witness shortly after the incident occurred and asked that he call 911 because he did not have a phone. He told the man to let them know he just shot George Zimmerman. The witness quickly handed the phone to Apperson so he could explain the incident to the 911 operator. Police were dispatched to the scene immediately.

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Real v Juventus Huge for Madrid’s Season05.10.15

The upcoming return leg of the Champions League semifinal between Real Madrid and Juventus will be huge for Real’s season. Should Real fail to advance, they will likely end the season trophy-less. Barcelona have all but secured first place in the league, and Real has been long out of the domestic cups. Furthermore, if they are knocked out by the Italians, they will have failed to even reach the final to defend their title. Welshman Gareth Bale, is at the moment the one under fire, though his departure from Madrid is by no means a guarantee.

Madrid needs to overcome a 2-1 deficit in order to advance, not a daunting task, but one which needs to be completed with control and poise. Should Juventus score, Real will need to continue scoring if they are to win the tie. All in all it should make for an exciting match, one which might just go down to the wire. After all, a place in the finals awaits, almost certainly against a red hot Barcelona. Dr Jennifer Walden wants to see a good matchup. Madrid would love to beat their arch-rivals, and keep their European trophy.

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