Firefighters In Idaho Hear Parrots Scream For Help Inside A Burning House

Posted in Other World News on Apr 26, 2015

The Recorded Screams Sounded Human But They Were Actually Trained Parrot Screams

We all know some birds are able to say words. We don’t expect the birds to know what the words mean because birds are not considered intelligent enough to cognitively understand the environment in which they live. The fact is, we discount the abilities of birds and other animals. Most people believe the only intelligent consciousness on earth is human intelligence and that is a big mistake.

Animals have a subjective understanding that is not blinded by emotions. They sense, feel and react to objective situation with subjective awareness. Our awareness is usually ego driven. The proof of animal intelligence shows itself in many different ways.

Firefighters in Idaho got a first-hand look at bird intelligence when parrots called for help while they were inside a burning home. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they heard the words, Help. Fire. Thinking that people were trapped inside, the firefighters went in and found no one, but the parrots. The birds were trained to issue a warning, but the firefighter still couldn’t believe what they witnessed. Jaime Garcia Dias could hardly believe the story as well when he watched and heard about it on YouTube.

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  1. Freddie Jones says:

    The birds were removed from the home and were given oxygen. The firefighters got a little oxygen too, and they also got a lesson in bird intelligence. I also understand that can get everything in return too.

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