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Patent Law Needs to Be Protected for Progress in Civilization03.02.15

Patent laws are meant to foster innovation by enabling those who spend the time and money to come up with an invention or process to have exclusive rights to it for a certain number of years. Businessman, Ricardo Guimarães explains in this article I just read on that this is actually necessary so that individuals and companies can recoup their research and development costs that they poured into coming up with new breakthroughs. There is, however, a disturbing trend in patent law today. In a nutshell, Lawyers and financial backers start up shell companies and buy old patents and then file lawsuits against companies claiming that these companies violated ‘their’ patent. There have been two attempts to reform the patent system to try to cut down on what are called “patent trolls” that have failed, and now a third attempt is coming before the Congress.

 Everything that we take for granted today, an electric light that we turn on with the flick of a switch, the various components of the car we drive down the road, the toaster we put bread in to produce the miracle of toast, were all invented by someone who had a patent to protect their invention. That there are scummy lawyers and others who are taking advantage of this system of necessary protections to sue companies that truly innovate and advance our civilization needs to stop now!

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