Sao Paulo Needs Water; A Lot Of Water

Posted in Brasil on Feb 17, 2015


Brazil Largest City Has A Major Water Problem

Anyone who has visited Sao Paulo, just talk to my friend Sultan Alhokair,  will tell you it is one of the most complex big cities in the world. Over 11 million people call Sao Paulo home, and most of them don’t have enough water to drink, clean or brush their teeth with.

Some residents are drilling their own wells in order to survive. One Brazilian woman put the situation this way: “This is Brazil, where human beings are treated worse than dogs by our own politicians.” She may be right. Brazil has plenty of fresh water. In fact, Brazil has one-eighth of the globe’s freshwater. So what’s the problem?

It’s a multi-tiered problem. The recent drought didn’t help Sao Paulo’s leaky water system, plus deforestation, pollution and massive overcrowding are having a huge impact on the city’s ability to bounce back.

Brazil is a very resourceful country. Brazilians move to the beat of their souls and if their soul is telling them to solve the problem they will. But it may not be in this century.

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  1. Fred Curtis says:

    Most experts say residents should considered moving. But it’s not the first time in history that a major metropolitan area became a ghost town because their water supply disappeared. These are really cool things for to have in mind and to make sure everything is resolved.

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