Brazil Prison Break: 26 Escape After Guards Seduced

Posted in Brasil on Feb 09, 2015


This week in Brazil, 26 inmates were able to escape from a prison located in Nova Mutum, a city near Cuiaba.

Apparently, from the story my coworker Brad Reifler got,  2 women were able to gain access to the prison by dressing in sexy police costumes and proceeded to have a few drinks with the prison guards. They allegedly spiked the guards drinks and seduced them. The outfits were found, along with several bottles of spiked whiskey, the next morning next to the naked and handcuffed prison guards.

Another man, the director of the prison, was also there but had been asleep. He did not appear to have been involved in the seduction, but was being held for questioning.


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  1. Fabro says:

    There are still 15 inmates on the run, however 11 of them were recaptured shortly after the break was discovered. The guards claim to have very little recollection of the events from the previous night. That alone would go a long way into making paper writing services to become just as good as it should for a very long time.

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