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Brad Reifler: An Amazing Entrepreneur12.16.15

To become an entrepreneur, it takes not only courage but also a willingness to try new ideas. In doing so, this is often the difference between success and failure. However, as Brad Reifler’s Wikipedia has demonstrated for more than three decades, by doing this and believing in one’s self, it’s possible to achieve greatness along the way. Having been one of America’s and in fact the world’s most admired and respected entrepreneurs and investors, Brad is indeed an amazing entrepreneur and businessman, and his CrunchBase history really drives that point home.

Whether it was his successful Reifler Trading Company, his incredible 13-year run at Pali Capital, or his current role as CEO of Forefront Capital Management, Brad has shown each time a willingness to use his ideas as well as those gathered from others and blend them together into a winning combination. In Brad’s case, doing so meant taking tremendous chances with the companies he founded. Whether at RTC, Pali, or his many ventures into entrepreneurship, Brad has demonstrated time and again that becoming successful in business is not simply dumb luck, but indeed a process requiring plenty of time and energy.

As Brad’s companies and the success they have attained have proven, it’s quite possible to think outside the box and still come out on top. This point was proven all too well with Pali Capital, which Brad started after selling Reifler Trading Company. Using his innovative approach and unparalleled skills in research and information dissemination, Brad set out to create a company unlike any seen before. Working closely with a sales team comprised of the best in the business, Brad developed sales strategies that focused on credit analysis and derivative structures. And as the results proved, his ideas were right on target. After he concluded his 13-year run as CEO of Pali, it was determined that Brad and his team amassed an amazing total of $1 billion in commission income.

As Brad continues to look for new challenges, he now spends much of his time in consultation with some of the movers and shakers in the business world, and producing content for Reuters. Some days he may be meeting with political leaders from around the world, helping advise them as to how the world economy will affect their nation. Other days he may be in a board room, meeting with Fortune 500 executives and board members as he explains how today’s economic trends will impact them now and later on. In fact, Brad’s reputation is so well-known worldwide that economists from China and other Asian nations regularly seek his advice on important economic matters. No matter what situation Brad deals with each day, it’s certain that his confidence and unwavering commitment to success will take any of his ventures straight to the top.  Follow Brad on his Twitter account to learn even more about the man and the legend.

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Sam Tabar Announces Involvement in THINX Program For Women12.10.15

Business professionals and capital strategists, like Sam Tabar who can be found on LinkedIn, are constantly adding to their portfolio. In January of 2015, Tabar added a new startup company called THINX. This company helps women both in Africa and America with menstruation and incontinence, two very private matters. The fashionable underwear company purchases underwear for those who are of indigent backgrounds. They have a pad in the center that is removable and reusable. Many women, especially those in Africa, would miss work or school during these periods because of their monthly menstruation cycle. Now, through the help of Tabar’s company, they can resume life as normal.

There are five styles available to these completely functional undergarments. Tabar has a proven track record that gives him the confidence in the fact that THINX is distinct in respect to its business model. It encourages people to help with global issues and give back by making a small purchase. Antonia and Miki are the masterminds behind these products. Each purchase that is made through a donor allows a woman in countries like Uganda to get gifted with seven pairs of washable and reusable underwear. These women can leave their home and go to school or work providing for their families. This is imperative in third world countries where poverty is an epidemic.

Things are not the same in Africa as they are in America. Women there don’t have the money or resources to manage their menstruation effectively. They have no other choice but to stay home and take care of their business in private. Sam Tabar is an expert when it comes to the investment market, and provides many of his own tips, which is why he is one of the heads on this campaign. He utilized legal counsel from Sparx Group, as well as Merrill Lynch for financing. Tabar is a lawyer in prominent standing in New York. He graduated from both Oxford University, as well as Columbia Law School. He is known for his work in the hedge fund world with big shots like Meagher & Flom and Arps. Before his THINX campaign, he was the senior associate for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

Mutual friends introduced Tabar and the women behind the THINX program. He wasn’t really interested in doing any investments at the time, but their business model caught his attention. They used crowdfunding to kick start the campaign and bring in some much-needed financing. Though they are just in the inception, this company promises to bring great things to those women in need.

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From puppy to adult, BENEFUL has an amazing selection of dog food to help keep your dog happy and healthy12.10.15

No matter what stage or age your dog is. BENEFUL has the right food that fits your dogs needs because they care. From the puppy stage to adult, they offer the most healthy, nutritious, delicious food, to keep your best friend in the best of health. Your growing puppy needs his calcium and nutrients, and with BENEFUL, HEALTHY PUPPY dog food, they will get all of the benefits they need to grow into a healthy, happy dog. Made with real chicken, with peas and carrots added, you can rest assure that you are giving your puppy the best dog food for your money and more. And as your puppy grows, you want to keep him playful and happy. So we recommend giving him the BENEFUL, PLAYFUL LIFE dog food because he will need it as he leaps and bounds with energy. Made with real beef and egg added, you can bet he is getting all of the nutrients needed to help him along his way to becoming a healthy adult dog and doing what he does best, playing. Next as he becomes an adult, his body needs to maintain it’s stamina and vitality, and the best way to keep him in great shape, is to feed him a healthy diet of one of the BENEFUL ORIGINALS dog food I saw o Facebook, made with real Beef, Chicken or Salmon. The choice is yours, and with all of the different choices, you can never go wrong. As he gets older and less active and if his weight becomes a problem, feed him BENEFUL, HEALTHY WEIGHT dog food, to help him maintain a healthy weight. This low-calorie dog food is mixed with crunchy and tender bites, and made with real chicken, and added carrots, green beans and apples, he will never miss the calories or the taste. Maybe you have a small dog who needs smaller bites, so The wonderful makers of BENEFUL offer the INCREDIBITES, just for your small fry, and made with real chicken and beef they are sure to be just as healthy and happy as the big guys. So whichever stage your puppy or dog is in, BENEFUL from Petco  is sure to have just the right dog food to keep your pets, not only happy and healthy but bright eyed and bushy tailed, because you wouldn’t have them any other way.

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The automotive industry is attracting more and more investors into the stock exchange. Despite the recent scandals that have affected the big wigs, there is evidence investment there brings in the needed revenue. MarcioAlaor, the vice president of Banco BMG, gave a brief view of the numbers in a recent interview.
MarcioAlaour gave a history of motor manufacturer going public starting with General Motors, which went public in 1915.It was before people thought that possible. It is today valued at $ 53.52 billion .Ford Motors announced its IPO in 1956.It was the greatest at the time and attracted 600 million calls. It was an already established company with a well-known brand. Its IPO was hence a hot cake in the market.
Initial public offering or IPO as is commonly known is where by a company floats shares in the stock exchange to the public for the 1st time. It is the 1st process of turning a private company to a corporation. It helps an organization raise funds. According to Marcio Alaor, Ferrari recently floated an IPO that saw its stock increase in value by 5% to $ 10 billion. According to data published by Marcio some French motor manufacturers have seen their stock value rise by an average of 50%.Others like Tesla have stock valued at more than $ 211 apiece. It shows motoring companies continue to perform well.
Marcio Alaor is the Vice President if Banco BMG.It is Brazil’s largest consigned Credit lender. It has over 5 million customers and growing fast. It has also built a network of over 3000 points of sale terminals with over 50000 agents around the country. In the consigned market category; it controls 80% of the market. The market is currently about 50% penetrated. It is a segment 62 other banks are fighting for the remaining share.
Banco BMG has been in existence fir the last 85 years. It has served Brazil since 1930.The Guimares family owns it, and Ricardo Guimares is its president. It is affiliated with BMG group based in Hollad.It uses its international connections to float bonds in the international market and get money to expand its operations. It is also the biggest corporate sponsor in Brazil currently. It sponsors many football clubs including Santos. It is also the official sponsor of Marcelo Melo, the Tennis prodigy.

Source: Exame Magazine

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George Soros’ Take on Europe’s Refugee Crisis12.02.15

“In addition to protecting our national interests, we must take the leadership in protecting the common interests of humanity.” – George Soros

George Soros needs no introduction. Born in Hungary in 1930, escaped to England in 1947 where he received his university education and worked for a while before moving to New York in 1956, Soros is a household name in the world of business, philanthropy and political activism(1). Perhaps not surprising for a man born In Hungary, Soros is among few American billionaires who take keen interest in events occurring in Europe. In 2014 he came out strongly against Putin’s intervention in Ukraine when the EU and the US were still at a loss on how to respond to the Ukraine crisis (2).
If the Ukraine crisis was the biggest crisis to face EU in 2014, the refugee crisis is the biggest on in 2015. Fleeing from conflict and poverty in Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and Eritrea, hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers have found their way to Europe in search of peace and a better life. Like in the Ukrainian crisis, EU leaders have been slow to respond to this crisis. As his article which can be read on Market Watch shows (3), Soros is not short of ideas on how to solve this refugee crisis which he believes has been allowed to develop into a serious problem thanks to a lack of a comprehensive unified plan from EU leaders.
Soros’ first step in solving this crisis is for the EU to accept 1 million refugees every year until the problem is solved. The refugees should be shared fairly among all the EU states and given adequate financial support funded through selling of long term bonds.
Soros also urges the EU to take leadership in global efforts to fund states that neighbor Syria where the bulk of the refugees come from. To Soros, it is not just a matter of giving Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon money; EU should help these countries develop thriving economies through trade and investment. Such economies would then have adequate jobs for both the refugees and the locals thus eliminating the need to immigrate to Europe.
Additionally, he proposes setting up of one EU Border Guard and Asylum and Migration Agency. Such an agency, enforcing common procedures and rules pertaining to employment and benefits of refugees, will not only be cheaper but also more efficient than the current 28 such agencies run by different countries.
Other proposals include working in conjunction with the UN Refugee Agency to set up processing centres in countries like Turkey so that successful applicants can safely be transported to Europe instead of making dangerous journeys on their own and mobilizing the private sector to help EU in getting the required funding and human capacity needed for successful integration of the refugees in European societies.
Soros doesn’t pretend to know it all but as his political activism and philanthropy shows, he believes that to whom much is given much is expected. His proposals on how to solve the refugee crisis in Europe as discussed above is his way of serving humanity through lending his prestige and influence to a just cause.


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Financial Services Offered By Madison Street Capital12.02.15

Madison Street Capital is a financial institution focusing more on middle-market companies seeking funding solutions and other financial opinions services. The various services offered by Madison Street Capital position clients in a place where they can be successful in the worldwide market. These services include M&A expertise, valuation and corporate advisory services to private and public entities. MSC focuses on emerging markets as crucial element for the growth of clients on the global platform. The firm is trusted by clients because of its dedication to ensure high level professionalism is observed. Madison Street Capital explains on Today in America TV that, through their expertise, they seek to educate their clients on what their financial and investment options are.
Private placement’s specialists at MSC interact regularly with credit officers and other experts at hedge funds, insurance companies and commercial banks operating globally. The strategy of MSC is to ensure healthy relationships that are based previous success hence creating favorable opportunities to new investors. Also, the firm provides transactions relating to private investment in public equity (PIPE) for addressing financial needs as well as capital structure. MSC collaborate with a wide range of PIPE financing options like mutual funds, private equity funds and others.
Capital restructuring is another service provided by Madison Street Capital. The firm has a diverse source of funding from mezzanine lenders, venture capital, commercial banks and other equity providers. This is achieved through its experience in debt restructuring and valuation expertise. Indeed, clients are able to overcome several obstacles facing clients relating to their financial situations. MSC has worked with almost all types of business including specific startup entities, developing businesses and also established ones. Also, the firm has a team with vast experience in growth and working capital, debt restructuring, financing accounts receivable as well as other investment vehicles relied by investors.
After the Great Credit Recession that affected entities of all sizes, Madison Street Capital identified strategies that would be used by trouble businesses to preserve their value while at the same time catering for the needs of creditors and lenders. MSC is an investment banking institution with experience in several financial sectors hence it is able recognize solutions to some complications like capital restructure, reorganization and mergers.
The goal of Madison Street Capital is to stabilize entities, generate liquidity, and restore vital relationships with suppliers and vendors.MSC differs from other competitors since its can offer skilled services relating to bankruptcy. Madison Street Capital ensures companies faced with bankruptcy challenges are able to turn them into opportunities to revitalize their entities.

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Sergio Cortes Helps Brazilian Citizens Relieve Back Pain11.26.15

Brazil is a place that is known for a lot of activity. There are a lot of people in Latin America that are dancers and soccer players. Yet, there are many other people that may be very inactive. For these inactive people there is always a greater chance of experiencing chronic pain from an injury. What Dr. Sergio Cortes recommends for Brazilians is exercise. The thing that is going to relieve back tension the most is activity.

What Dr. Cortes recommends may contradict what some people may assume. Many people that experience chronic back pain may assume that avoiding any type of muscle workout is best. Dr. Cortes has stated that exercising the muscles is really going to be the best way to provide the relief. This can be started with swimming. It is a joyous activity for many, and it has the added benefit of being an exercise that works out all of the muscles.

Another thing that Sergio Cortes recommends is Pilates. This is another exercise that works out the entire body. The exercises that are recommended by Dr. Cortes are the types of exercises that will help people build their muscle tone. Pilates may seem simple, but this exercise helps people improve their balance. It also helps many people strengthen their muscles.

The concept of pedaling can also be linked to better posture and better health. This is another recommendation from Dr. Sergio Cortes. He has become an advocate of pedaling because people can do it at their own pace. It also builds a lot of endurance. That may be the best thing about this exercise. It can also improve a lot of different things.

What Dr. Cortes also notices is that there is a lot poor posture with people that have back problems. There are also quite a few people that have experienced some level of pain from lack of stretching. This can happen when people exercise without actually take the time to stretch properly. These are simple things, but Dr. Cortes notes that a lot of people simply forget to implement the practices of stretching or sitting correctly when they are sitting down.

A lot of people that want to improve their health will certainly benefit from what Dr. Cortes recommends. He has helped many people relieve their chronic back pain in Brazil with simple things that don’t require a lot of money or time.

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How Shaygan Kheradpir Has Been Involved In Building A Better World Through Communication10.29.15

Shaygan Kheradpir is a respected and well-known technology and business executive. Currently, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant and is bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. recipient from Cornell University in electrical engineering with a bias in control systems. All through his professional career, he has been involved in building mission-driven teams that have driven the change that matters to the community, organizations and also to the customers. He has been involved in rigorous straddling, connecting and innovation at the boundaries of disciplines that were considered traditional in different segments of the industry.

In the very recent past, he was announced the Chief Executive Officer as well as Board Chairman of Coriant. Shaygan Kheradpir on twitter joined the company after having worked with its senior management team at an Operations Partner role at Marlin Equity Partners. Because of his active involvement in the company’s operations and strategic planning, he assumed his new position and many were confident that his leadership would to a very large extent drive the company’s growth strategy forward. Many also expected that during his leadership tenure, the company would have a better focus on the solutions that matter most to its customers in the current dynamic and competitive end-user market.

Before joining Coriant, he was the Chief Executive Officer of Jupiter Networks, a company dealing with networking in the Silicon Valley. In the year 2011, he joined the Barclays Bank in London as the Chief Operating Officer in charge of wealth, investment and corporate banking. At the bank, he was the most needed catalyst for the cultural change that was very necessary for the transformation of the bank to be operating along the lines of the 21st-century processes in industrialization.

His career started at GTE Labs where he worked in the control, networking management, and routing department. He rose through the ranks to eventually become the software systems lab leader and played a very big role in building a world-class lab that developed integrated infrastructure and switching and transmission using the TONICS system. The systems enabled the company to consolidate its network into becoming one of the most consolidated network operations at the time.

He then moved to Dallas where he was instrumental in leading a systems development for all of the company’s units in interworking, wireless, wireline and information. During the period, the company was able to nationalize and rebuild its core systems based on principles about modern computer science, therefore, driving operational excellence without having a big dent on the finances. When the company merged with Bell Atlantic, he moved to New York and got appointed as the eBusiness Unit head and within a short time, he had risen through the ranks to become the Chief Informational Officer for the entire company. He worked very hard to deploy modern methods so as to achieve breathtaking results for the company by recruiting the creme de la creme in the technology and engineering arena that understood the need for products and services to be delivered in a modern environment so as to be useful even in the future.

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The Best Healthcare companies10.25.15

The healthcare industry is an extremely important sector of every nation. Most governments will ensure that every citizen gets access to affordable and convenient medical services. However, that is not the case for most countries especially those in the developing regions. Numerous companies have taken to this sector and are offering exceptional services. Here’s a list of such companies.

  • About the Nobilis Health Company

The Nobilis Health Company is an icon in the healthcare sector in the US. The company owns and controls more than ten healthcare facilities in Arizona and Texas. These consist of six ambulatory centers, a surgical hospital at Houston, an urgent care center, and two MRI centers. You can find the six ambulatory centers in Arizona, two in Dallas, and three in Houston. The Nobilis also has partnered for marketing relationships with several surgical centers in the US.

  • CVS Health

The CVS Health is a renowned prescription drugs retailer. There are plans to expand the CVS to becoming a fully integrated health services provider.

  • McKesson

McKesson is the largest and the best pharmaceutical distributor in the US. Apart from its pharmaceutical distribution, MCK as well develops, implements and operates software in the medical field. The software business is normally under-appreciated as opposed to the company’s distribution business. The MCK Company offers IT services, for instance, electronic health records, revenue cycle, and health payment plan.

  • United Health Group

The United Health Group offers health care services to over 85 million patients globally. The UHG is the largest health insurer in the US. In addition to that, the CEO Stephen Hemsley is investing heavily in the Optum. Optum is United Health Group health service arm that incorporates health data analytics and pharmacy benefits manager.

  • AmerisourceBergen

The AmerisourceBergen, which is the largest global sourcing services company and a pharmaceutical distributor has experienced greater improvements since they initiated a partnership with Walgreens-Alliance. The collaboration has enabled the two companies to share their generic drug buying and now get substantial discounts from drug manufacturers. The AmerisourceBergen has also invested in the fast-growing animal health sector.

  • Express Scripts Holdings

Express Script is a full-service pharmacy benefits manager. The company has been rewarded by industry consolidation that has helped to improve the company’s bargaining power and cut operational cost. Express Holdings led in consolidation when it bought Medco Health in 2012. The purchase doubled the company’s revenue.

  • Cardinal Health

Cardinal Health is a drug wholesaler and also makes surgical apparel and gloves. Cardinal invested over $1.97 billion in acquiring Johnson Cordis according to yahoo finance, which is a heart-product business. That helped Cardinal Health to boots the products it offers to the clients.

If you wish to engage in the healthcare industry, ensure you adhere to the rules and regulations. Position yourself in the market and offer the best to your clients.

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The Amazing Life Of Jackson Impersonator Sergio Cortes10.23.15

Imagine sitting in the front seats of an amazing performance by Michael Jackson. It’s an easy enough situation for most people to think up. Jackson performances are so iconic to modern society that it might well be in the dictionary. But now imagine that the concert is taking place today. Given that Jackson has passed away this might seem a bit more difficult to conceive of. But thousands of people are still enjoying Jackson concerts. And they’re often even having a chance to talk with him before or after the performance. This might seem impossible at first. But that’s only if one isn’t familiar with MJ impersonator Sergio Cortes.

People unfamiliar with Cortes might raise an eyebrow at the insinuation that anyone could so closely match the King of Pop. But Cortes isn’t just any Jackson impersonator. To a huge number of people he’s the most accomplished Jackson impersonator in the world. It may well be that he’s also the single most accomplished celebrity impersonator of all time as well.

The age at which he began his career is probably one of the biggest factors, right along with his physical resemblance to Jackson. And of course the two items are directly related to each other. Cortes began working on impersonations of Jackson when he was still just a child. It all began when he and his mother were watching TV. A performance by the Jackson 5 came on. It took no time at all for his mother to draw back in shock at what she saw. In front of her she saw her son, and she was also looking at a mirror image of him on TV. The young Cortes and the young Jackson looked almost identical. This prompted Cortes to learn some of Jackson’s mannerisms to amuse his classmates.

But as time passed Cortes continued to look more and more like Jackson. Eventually even reporters would begin to notice the resemblance. This prompted him to take his impersonations more as a way of honoring Jackson than as a minor amusement. He began to learn to sing and to dance. To emulate Jackson’s style of dress and the way he interacted with the public. Eventually Sergio Cortes wound up being able to craft such an amazing reproduction of Jackson’s entire being that it was difficult to tell the two men apart. And since then he’s continued to exemplify something truly amazing. Two men at the height of artistic talent, Jackson and Cortes. A true living legacy to the King of Pop himself.

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