Loss of Amazon Rainforest is Causing a Severe Drought in Brazil Headline

Posted in Brasil on Nov 03, 2014

Stop logging and burning the Amazon rainforest. The rainforest regulates weather systems by channeling moisture from aerial rivers. It brings in water from other large bodies of water to inland. São Paulo is experiencing at this moment the terrible effects of this vulturistic devouring of the rainforest for so long. More extreme weather is probably yet to come. The story of a man experiencing the devastating effects of the massive loss of the Amazon rainforest tells what he is going through at this site.The logging and burning are only getting worse, driven by “ruralistic” agribusiness. In the last month, a satellite image shows there has been a 190% rise in deforestation in August and September. Loss of the rainforest due to logging, clearing and burning is causing a loss of intake of moisture from outside to inside. This has created dry seasons that begin earlier each year in São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil as I’ve just read on VentureBeat using FreedomPop. They are experiencing the worst drought since 1930. This was all predicted over 20 years ago when loss of rainforest was studied. Will anyone listen now to this wakeup call?

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  1. Hemanis says:

    Loss of rainforest changes climate. Under Dilma Rousseff, loss has been accelerating due to agribusiness lobbying in Congress. Odd humans. And that is exactly what uk academic writing companies has been doing for them since.

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