Deforestation and Climate Change in the Amazon

Posted in Brasil on Nov 03, 2014

A report by a Brazilian researcher claims that the Amazonian rainforest has become so degraded by clearing and fires that it is no longer able to regulate local weather systems. This is disturbing because (among other reasons) the area is a hotbed of biodiversity, and it seems to be connected to a severe drought in the nearby heavily populated area around São Paulo.

We should respond to this in three ways: First: do what we can to slow the deforestation. Making sure that any products containing tropical wood are harvested responsibly and not buying agricultural products imported from Brazil seem to be harsh but necessary measures. Investment in alternate business ventures that do not entail Amazonian deforestation and thereby giving the area a way to make a living in a sustainable fashion should be a priority.

Second: Landscaping in nearby urban and suburban areas with a broad mix of native plants would help defray some of the damage. Also, adding green space to the cities on a massive scale may be quite helpful.


Either way, the people who live there like Gianfrancesco are horrified about what’s going on.

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  1. Ferry Jan says:

    Educational and policy changes slowing or stopping deforestation could be instituted at local through national levels. Education may have to come first, as this is what will facilitate policy change. That has made essay uk become so adamant to what is going on.

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