The OSI Group Brings a New Light to the Food Production Industry12.09.17

Many food industry companies are worried about one thing only: money. The OSI Group likes to think about their profits, but their main goal is something much more valuable. By focusing on how they can be sustainable in an industry that is not very eco-friendly, the OSI Group is pushing to help other companies see the right way to do business. There is no point in making a lot of money if they can not make that money last for years with the things they are doing. The OSI Group knows this and they also know their company can be the best opportunity for people to try different food company options.

While the OSI Group has been working to provide clients with everything they need, they also know there is a lot of value that comes with building great customer relationships. In fact, the OSI Group works so hard to maintain their relationships, their first client is still one of their clients today. Despite the company being one that is now a corporation, they have held onto the family values they originally had when they first started their business.

By doing this, the OSI Group has made sure they are going to help all their clients. They know what it takes to help them so they know they can try different things. They give their clients something to look forward to no matter what industry they are a part of. From big companies, like McDonald’s, to small restaurants in their own hometown, the OSI Group gives everyone the treatment they deserve. Because they know how to treat their clients, the OSI Group has done what they can to give their clients the best life possible. They know just what it takes to offer them the greatest opportunities in their lives.

As long as the industry has been a part of the food companies lives, the OSI Group has known what it takes to be successful. They continue to offer people the right type of options they can use on their own. The OSI Group does everything in their power to try different things. They also do things that will make them a better company. Everything they have done has given the customers a chance at a better life. It has also made things much easier for the businesses they work with in the food industry around the entire world.

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Logan Stout Is Making A Real Difference By Helping Individuals With Their Nutritional Needs12.05.17

Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of IDLife, and he knows all about how personalized nutrition can change lives. Currently, there is an obesity epidemic taking place with the majority of U.S. residents being overweight or obese. Being overweight affects people in many different ways like giving them low self-esteem, how they function on a daily basis, increasing their risk for diseases including cancer; arthritis; diabetes, and more.

The health industry is lacking in the way that it helps individuals with health, because, generally speaking, it sells products that are targeted to a general audience. This means that people get disappointed when a health product doesn’t work the way they expected it to. To remedy this, Logan Stout and his company IDLIfe are revolutionizing health by approaching it in a unique way. The system he has built targets customer’s individual health needs and provides them with nutritional supplements based on their specific genetics, diet, health issues, and any medications they may be taking.

In a time where the supplement and healthcare industry is growing exponentially, IDLife aims to set itself apart. Since one fifth of the entire nutritional supplement industry is monopolized by a few companies, the options are not huge for anyone looking for help. The truth is, most people don’t really understand enough about nutrition to know what they need to take in order to thrive. This is exactly IDLife shines, and Logan, along with the rest of his company, don’t plan on quitting on people any time soon.

Logan Stout is a passionate entrepreneur who loves to help people get healthier. He is also the creator of one of the largest baseball organizations, the Dallas Patriots, which he put together to help younger people. He feels that people can reach their true potential when they are as healthy as they can be, and he created IDLife to help them do just that.

Aside from helping people meet their nutritional needs, Logan Stout mentors young aspiring entrepreneurs and athletes and also does live events where he speaks to motivate people. He is also a writer and author who published the book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams,” which goes into detail about the different ways he has found success in the world. As a family man, he loves to spend quality time with his sons and his wife in Frisco, Texas.

Logan Stout’s Social Media:

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TechStyle: The Platform for Personal Style Driven by Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler12.04.17

Adam Goldenberg is currently the creator and Co-ceo of TechStyle – Don Ressler is his faithful partner. Adam started his career from technology startups when he was only 13 years of age. An extremely young and handsome guy. He started their own bulletin board system that evolved to some gambling and gaming site named Gamer’s Alliance. After he turned 17, he also sold the site into Inter-mix (during that moment, they were possessed by MySpace). As a consequence of the success at this youthful age, Adam had been given a position as chief operating officer in Inter-mix. After his time at Inter-mix had come to an end, he made Intelligent Beauty — that goes onto create businesses such as DermStore and JustFab.

Adam Goldenberg was raised with technology that he used his whole life. After he moved on to shape his brand new organizations, he had been made to make use of the complete force of technology to generate enduring adventures for his customers. He believed from the start the benefits newer tech introduced for e commerce. He assembles and lays out new technology that is supposed to drive increased efficiency and more consumer importance. If he accomplishes that conclusion, his cost per customer price falls, and general life value develops at a higher peak.

TechStyle was a fiscal innovator from the very start of the business. Their very first tech product was FashionOS — a more unified technology platform for both e commerce and fashion technology. Assembling the application from the floor up cost about $70 million. The six chief components behind FashionOS include: your own styling platform, a company data management platform, the distribution chain and satisfaction, an Omni Channel retail platform, the e commerce system, and also the CRM registration platform.

The business was a major leader in the advertising industry of e-commerce. They’ve revived how internet stores sell their services and products. The organization’s personal styling system has been paired with an extremely sophisticated algorithm using professional individual stylists assured of providing a smarter and better shopping experience for clients. The Fabletics brand below the umbrella of TechStyle was reported as a pioneer in predictive analytics. They accept the reputation of taking the industry by storm and proceed to advance forward. The upcoming technology investments will likely be produced in machine learning calculations and also heavy personalization.

Don Ressler will abide by Adam on those incredible decisions and enjoys the management. The company is funded by investment capital, and it has achieved double digit growth annually because of their inception of great ideas.

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How You Can Do More With Your E-Commerce Website With White Shark Media11.24.17

E-commerce goes well beyond simply selling products customers love because you have to make sure they can find you first. Even as social media and mobile marketing take off, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising are alive as ever, and White Shark Media is a company that specializes in those niches. It isn’t just about being on the front page of organic or paid search results because to do well, you have to make it to the top. White Shark Media has trained individuals working for them who know how to get you there and their customers have said as much in their reviews.

How does White Shark Media do it? Before you hire them, they actually evaluate your current PPC marketing setup and tell you how their tools and knowledge can help it perform even better. All you have to do to get this evaluation is either call White Shark Media’s number on their website, or fill in the contact form for the evaluation, and a specialist will meet with you in a screen-sharing session at your earliest convenience. If you’re still not convinced about their services, you can simply walk away or recommend them to someone else.

The reason you can trust White Shark Media is that they are a member of Google’s Small Business Marketing partner network, a group of digital marketing companies that must follow stringent codes to be listed in the group. They’ve also explained how they’ve handled complaints and changed their communication structure so that customers can stay in the know at all times with them. Since keeping on top of all your website traffic and turning investments in PPC into real sales leads can be a tough task, you should really consider letting White Shark Media handle this because they have the qualifications.

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Civil rights, human rights and migrant rights in the United States11.20.17

The rights of the people are fundamental and they deserve to be respected at all costs. When we talk of human rights, we are referring to the rights of the people which are guaranteed by the universal human rights charter of the United States. These universal rights are rights that are guaranteed for every human being.

There is no limit to how they can be applied. Human rights are, mandatory and they should be given respect by everyone. It is imperative that the people who have been mandated with the responsibility of ensuring that these rights are accorded to everyone do so promptly.

Human rights are to be guarded by the people who have been mandated to be at the helm of the government. These are the people given the mandate to ensure every person feels treated equally. However, the danger comes when the same people go against the law and be the ones who are committing illegalities.

The right of the common person comes into risks. To ensure that even with a failure of the government, human rights are observed, there are groups that fall under the human rights, civil rights and migrants rights that have taken up the responsibility of ensuring that governments do not violate human rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

There are many groups that have been carrying out this responsibility. Some of them include:

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

This a group that operates in the United States. It has been vocal in defending the rights of the immigrants into the United States. ACLU has been very committed to fighting for the rights of migrants human and civil rights. Part of their work, they do through outreach, advocacy, and litigation. They normally move to the courts to help immigrants with some of the cases that they have been charged.

ACLU has the biggest litigation program in the United States. Michael Lacey ensure that the rights of the people are guaranteed from violation through the use of the courts. The group hopes that through that through their efforts, equitable rights for all immigrants will be achieved. The group has been to the courts of law to challenge the legality of some of the laws passed by the states.

Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

This is a group that operates in Arizona. It also deals with protection of human rights in the state. Being a border state with Mexico, there are many immigrants who cross into the United States through the border. As a result, there are numerous cases of human rights violations that take place in the state.

To counter this trend, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin started this group to help other rights groups in the state to counter violations of human and civil rights in the state. This organization was founded using money from compensation by the state for a case involving human rights violations.

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Sheldon Lavin- CEO of OSI Group11.20.17

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO of the largest food production company in the world known as OSI Group. OSI Group is an American company that has its headquarters in Illinois. To become the CEO of this processing firm, Sheldon Lavin has worked tirelessly from a very humble beginning to finally managing to drive this company to become a global food processing giant. OSI Group has been around for very many years. It was started in 1909 as a small butcher shop. It developed gradually over the years until now when it is multinational. Initially, it was not known as the OSI group. It started as OTTO & Sons, named after the founder of company Otto Kolschwsky.

OSI Group, a company that has been existence for more than a 100 years have reached this point of growth due to good management by Sheldon Lavin and his team. OSI Group today can be found in more than 65 locations all over the world. It is also found in other parts of the world through partnership with organizations. Sheldon Lavin has built the company on 3 very important pillars. They are food safety, sustainability, and green practices. These are the core pillars that have been sustaining the company’s growth. Recently, he has been approaching a strategic market-focused method of expanding the market reach.

OSI Group realized steady growth after it was contracted to hamburger by McDonald’s. By then, McDonald’s was not a big company. As it developed, it demanded more from the OSI Group. This prompted the group to come up with a special facility that was used for supplying meat to McDonalds only. This was the first processing plant that the group would form. Sheldon Lavin joined the company later in the 1970s. He came in to help the sons of Otto with the management of the company. He joined them as an equal partner. His impact on the company was instant. Since he joined the company it has been a steady growth throughout.

Sheldon Lavin has pushed the expansion plan of the company to almost every corner of the world. As of today, OSI Group has a presence on almost all the continents. They have been acquiring other food production plants in various countries so that they can boost their expansion plan. Sheldon position in the company has grown steadily following the departure of the two Otto’ Sons.

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Fabletics is the Top Selling Brand Because of What Customers Say It Is11.09.17

Fabletics is leveraging the power of the crowd through its customer reviews. The power of the crowd is what determines consumer purchases. Consumer behavior has shifted from company marketing strategies to review-centric to determine final purchases. The online reviews serve as trust as much as a personal recommendation from someone who has used the product.

Fabletics has managed to outgrow its competitors through user reviews. Since its launch in 2013, Fabletics has achieved more than 200% growth, grown its membership to over 1 million, and generated a revenue of over $250 million in less than three and half years.

How positive reviews have contributed to the rapid growth of Fabletics

  • Increasing trust in consumer goods and services

Through the power of social media, consumers are resolving to online reviews as their decision making determinant. Crowdsourcing purchase increases consumers’ trust in the product through people’s opinions and feedback.

  • More positive reviews increase revenue generation

Fabletics’ authentic and genuine reviews boost the business at the bottom line. Great reviews improve a website’s search rankings, drive more traffic to the business and increase sale conversions.

  • Positive reviews maintain repeat clients

A higher percentage of revenue generated by Fabletics comes from repeat clients. Why is this so? Techstyle, Fabletics’ Parent Company, has established lasting relationships with their customers by actively addressing their reviews and responding to them appropriately.

  • Positive reviews improve a company’s search ranking

A company that has positive online reviews attracts a higher search ranking. Fabletics has had the opportunity to be recognized as the top brand seller, thus drawing more attention to its website and converting that to sales.

  • More reviews indicate frequent use

Having more reviews on your website means that more people are searching and using your product. Fabletics’ positive business considerations have impacted its rapid growth.

Kate Hudson’s Take on Winning the Athleisure Brand

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Company won the athleisure brand because of its inclusivity and ability to empower women. Hudson’s approachable character and active lifestyle also contributed to its success. She is actively involved in the business tracking sales, participating in the design process to ensure new brands are in the market and determining which clothes are selling faster than others.

Hudson is also a brand ambassador. She endorses the products she sells. Hudson puts on her Fabletics gear as she jogs around or goes to the gym. She also facilitated a smooth communication system to ensure Fabletics has proper inventory levels. As a result, Fabletics was rated top by Better Business Bureau in high client satisfaction.

Take the quick lifestyle quiz to help you get a perfect outfit for your workouts.

Businesses are leveraging as top brand sellers through reviews on their social media websites. Clients have shifted their consumer behavior to a review-centric approach where they get to trust online reviews from other product users and use that as a personal recommendation of the product. Positive reviews have seen Fabletics grow its revenue to over $250 million in just three and half years of starting. Hudson contributed to the wining of the Fabletics athleisure brand by acting as a brand ambassador, participating in design and sale tracking, and streamlining the communication process. Hudson is also committed to business expansion and growth.

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Giving back to the community through charity11.09.17

Many businesses do their best to give back to the society through the funding of charity events or foundations, offering sponsorship to local teams and schools or even organizing charity walks and runs. For instance, Nexbank SSB a bank in Dallas recently put its foot forward in giving back to the community by offering sponsorship to the Dallas Women’s Foundation next luncheon. The event will be the 32nd one and is usually held annually. It is set to take place on 20th October at the Hilton Anatole Hotel and will host some prominent figures from around the world such as Dr. Hope Jahren who is an award-winning scientist and bestselling author. The doctor is also on the list of TIME’s magazine a hundred influential people. The luncheon usually attracts more than 1300 community leaders and famous business personalities every year, and this year it will be live streamed to more than twenty schools hence ensuring that more than 10000 students do not miss out on the keynote address. Nexbank plans to support the Dallas Women foundation by offering a $100, 000 donations which will go a long way in helping more women advance in leadership and financial security through the event.

Nexbank SSB

It is the fourth largest bank in Dallas and the 11th largest regional one in Texas. It has been around for quite some time now as it has a charter which dates back to 1922. It, therefore, boasts a rich history and experience and today holds approximately 6.4 billion dollars. It offers a diverse array of banking solutions ranging from mortgage, commercial, mobile banking and many other services which lie in the financial sector. It is headquartered in Dallas and has many of its branches in the region to be able to cater for its clients efficiently. Thanks to its quality service, the bank has seen quite good rankings on different platforms such as being the 10th best performing bank, the 2nd residential real estate lender among many others. It was previously known as Heritage Bank but changed its name to Nexbank in 2005. The bank serves as a subsidiary of Nexbank Capital Inc, and its services are not only limited to individuals but big companies as well.

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Equities First Holdings Has Offices Around The Globe11.08.17

Equities First Holdings has a lot of offices around the world that will help people in places like the UK, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand. This company knows that they can give their customers all the help they need from these offices, and they tailor all their work to the people who live in that area. Some one who comes in in Australia gets a loan that will work for the market there, and there are people who come to offices in the UK who get loans that are made just for that place. It is much easier for someone to get the exact sort of loan they need, and they are much more comfortable because they have taken out a loan with someone in an office that is near them. The customer service is amazing, and the company will always be there to help customers get more loans if they need.


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Clay Siegall Redefines Cancer Treatment and Therapies11.08.17

A finalist in the healthcare category of the Ernest and young Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the year awards, Dr. Clay Siegall is a winner of the Pierce Awards (1995). He holds a PhD. (Genetics) from George Washington University and a Bachelors of Science degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland.


Dr. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics Inc. and has been its chairman since 2004. He has been C.E.O for 15 years and president for 17 years. His experience in the field of research on Cancer and development of therapeutic drugs stretches 20 years. Prior to that, he was executive Vice president for 3 years and Chief Scientific Officer for 5 years (1997-2002). He was also the institutes Principal Scientist from1995-1997. At Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical Inc. Dr. Siegall has been chairman since 2014.


Apart from these, he has been director for the past 12 years at Alder Biopharmaceuticals and serves on the Board of Governors at the Hutchison Cancer Research Business Alliance and director of Washington Biotech and Biomedicine Association.From 2013-2016, Dr. Siegall was the non- executivedirector at Mirna Therapeutics Inc. and a further three years between 1988-1991 as staff and biotechnology employee. Clay Siegall has vastly contributed to the development and manufacture of many useful drugs in many ways. His works cannot be matched to any other scientists’ as he harbors special skills in research.

Leadership roles

When not holding managerial positions in different institutions or pharmaceutical companies, Dr. Clay Siegall authors scientific papers and journals, having authored 67 papers so far. He also has nine different patents to his name. Dr. Clay Siegall sits on the editorial boards of three different scientific journals and also in the board of Scientific Counselors to the Treatment Research Foundation. Dr. Siegall has led his company to profitability with strategic licensing of its Antibody Drugs Conjugates (ADC) technology generating over $350 million and the company has generated over $1.2 billion from private and public financial deals.


Clay Siegall is instrumental in the world of finding treatment methods in addition to therapies. He has mastered the art of using science to locate the connection between diseases and cells. What is more, Clay Siegall has a deep understanding of how diseases can be treated by understanding their genetic mutation. That is why he continues to be applauded for his input in the industry of medicine. For Clay, the treatment lies in understanding some of the basic knowledge associated with cell biology.

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