Brown Modeling Agency Gives Austin Models A Pathway09.24.16

Modeling is probably the best classic example of a glamorous career. Models go across the world walking down runways where they show off the latest fashion. It’s easy to see why so many young people want to become models. The unfortunate reality is that models are “born” models and that means not everyone who wants to become a model has the ability to become one. To start working as a model in the fashion industry you must be tall, slender, and relatively young. For those who manage to fit that description there is an opportunity to choose this career path.

Obviously, the first thing for any aspiring model to do is to find a modeling agency, or for a modeling agency to find you first. Most modeling agencies send scouts across the country looking for fresh talent, but you should ideally move to a major city like New York or Los Angeles if you want to have the best chance you can of making it into the industry. Generally models tend to be found by scouts in places where young people hang out. Malls, schools, and clubs are often the sources where modeling scouts find their new recruits. If you want a more hands on approach you can also try to send your own pictures to modeling agencies. Using simple photographs to show your natural looks will give any agency what they need to decide whether or not to put your into their talent books. Wearing make up or anything else that will conceal your looks is strongly discouraged by the majority of agencies. Even if this fails open casting calls can give you a way into the industry, assuming you come in on time. There are no limits to the many ways you can enter into the modeling agency.

One of the best modeling agencies out there is the Brown Agency. After coming to the city of Austin, Texas in 2010, the Brown Agency has been building a reputation for itself as an industry leader in the modeling market. The agency works only with the world’s top brands and scouts for the greatest talent out there. Companies like Louis Vuitton, Dell, L’oreal, and Toyota are just some of the many examples of this agency’s esteemed and established record of connecting models to successful careers. When you can say you’ve worked with Louis Vuitton, the doors will open for any model.

When Justin Brown started his modeling agency, he began with the ambition of helping aspiring models find their way to success. He has given models in Austin opportunities that were previously found only on the coasts of America. Thanks to him, models in Texas can find work closer to home.

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Nizan Guanaes Makes a Difference in the Marketing Industry09.19.16

Marketing and advertising are great avenues for ensuring that the products and services of a business reach existing and potential customers. This strategy involves using creativity, innovation, imagination, concepts and ideas to promote new products and create awareness on changes in old ones. Advertising is crucial in introducing a new product or service in the market. If advertising is done correctly at the right time, via the right media and in a certain time frame, it can attract new customers. It assists in capturing the market and heightening sales of an adman.

It is also essential for an organization to build strong customer relationships for it to grow. This is where an integrated marketing plan becomes relevant. An extensive, integrated marketing plan can effectively communicate the organization’s values, missions and messages to target audience.

Companies normally spend a lot of money on advertising. Nizan Guanaes is an executive marketer who understands that many media outlets like television, newspapers, and radio would not be in business if they did not generate revenue through the sale of advertising.

Mr. Guanaes is a partner and co-founder of ABC group, the national capital company in the Brazilian advertising market. The group operates 18 companies that focus on content, entertainment, advertising and marketing. Nizan Guanaes and Guga Valente founded ABC group in 2002 after merging several companies that they had established. Mr. Guga serves as the chief executive officer of ABC group.

Mr. Guanaes is also the president and founding partner of DD9DDb, a marketing, and advertising agency. Nizan spearheaded the firm’s growth from position 94 in the Brazilian ad agencies to one of the three largest in the country. He also served as the president for Internet Group of Brazil from 2000 to 2002. He turned the company around from a start-up to a market leader that became one of the profitable Brazilian internet portals.

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Online Reputation Management: Should Courses Be Offered In College?09.09.16 recently published an article where the possible necessity of reputation management courses in higher education was considered. This subject is definitely a natural area where collegiate instruction would be viable, effective, and conducive. There’s a lot of reasons why. One great reason is that online reputation is a key rubric companies use to vet employees, and people use to vet one another. In the article, it’s noted that even people on tinder will check out each other’s online persona before pursuit. That only makes sense! There is so much dishonesty and strangeness on the web today, anything that lends credibility to an individual will naturally be sought. For businesses and professional people that want to retain positions and continue their upward mobility, ensuring that the way one’s digital personality is perceived has conclusiveness may be a career saving or corporation expanding move.


Online reputation management doesn’t happen overnight, either–another reason that having coursework devoted to this new echelon of modern marketing makes sense. The article went on to explore the possibilities of expanding market reach through online reputation management.


Some common tools used to maintain digital reputations include SEO, SMO, and website design. SEO is Search Engine Optimization, where articles, blogposts, reviews, and content is generated designed to drive traffic. SMO is Social Media Optimization, and can be thought of as the Public Relations face of online reputation management. This is the human element, where people are drawn in not on a “business” basis, but on an emotional one.


Finally, the article pointed out how easy it is for some tiny negative review to influence a company or reputation years down the line. Viral happenstance online is a regular thing, and when it happens in a way that isn’t conducive to operations, it can be exceptionally devastating.


Many colleges would benefit from adding an online reputation management course to their regular offerings. Economically, this may become a societal protocol whose establishment is necessary for business and person-to-person interaction. It will be interesting to see where the trends in online reputation management ultimately lead the world in coming years.







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A Detailed Look at Medicare Advantage Plans and InnovaCare Health09.03.16

Medicare Advantage is also known as Part C of Medicare. Contrary to the Original Medicare plan, the Medicare Advantage allows you to enjoy Medicare benefits from a private health plan, which is contracted by the United States government to provide such health care coverage. These plans usually charge a premium, which includes a Medicare Part B premium. Further, they charge a fixed amount that is referred to as a copayment. However, some of the plans charge a certain percentage of the total service fee dubbed as coinsurance.

Benefits of Medicare Advantage Plans

Plans under the Medicare Advantage provide extra coverage, which includes wellness, dental, hearing as well as vision programs. More so, they also consist Part D, Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. In this case, a person ought to pick the plan that includes Part D since not all plans have such provisions.

Physician Practice Services

Nowadays, physician practices go beyond offering patient care services to ensuring that patient accounts are billed appropriately. In a bid to facilitate or enhance the services provided by a given healthcare facility, it is vital to contract a physician practice service such as InnovaCare Health.

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InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare boasts as one of the top providers of Medicare Advantage plans, Medicaid as well as physician practice services. As so, it is highly devoted to delivering high standard healthcare services by developing cost-effective and sustainable models, which are completely integrated with state-of-the-art technologies. In Puerto Rico, it also operates dual Medicare Advantage plans including PMC Medicate Choice as well as MMM Healthcare. The Medicare plans boast of a membership base of almost 200,000 people, who are served by a vast network of over 7,500 providers.

Patients rank up as the key priority InnovaCare’s goal, which aims at redefining healthcare management in a bid to meet the difficulties being experienced in the healthcare sector nowadays. InnovaCare’s success is attributed to the expertise and experience of its leaders such as Richard Shinto, who is the President and CEO. For four years, Rick Shinto served as the CEO and President of Aveta Inc. In previous times, he served in the major positions in various companies such as NAMM California, Medical Pathways Management Company and Medical Management for MedPartners.

Penelope Kokkinides also serves as an executive member of InnovaCare Health whereby she serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. In previous times, she worked for various organizations and companies such as AmeriChoice, Touchstone Health, and Centerlight HealthCare. Penelope Kokkinides boasts of vast expertise and knowledge in establishing clinical programs as well as managing healthcare operations and processes.

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Seattle Genetics Plans to Develop More Drugs and hire More Employees08.30.16

The Puget Sound research community received a rare visit from a very popular individual in the pharmaceutical world. The institution was visited by Joe Biden, the Vice President of the country. Seattle Genetics is one of the growing communities in the area that have set it apart.


Seattle Genetics is a Bothell based institution that is working very hard to widen the use of its first product in the market and at the same time enlarge its drug pipeline. The company is also looking to embark of a new hiring spree to get more reliable professionals.


The company is trying its best to make a difference in the lives of individual suffering from cancer. At the moment, the company is trying to commercialize Adcetris, its only drug in cancer treatment. According to the CEO of the institution, Dr. Clay Siegall, the drug is being tested on more than seventy types of lymphomas.


To ensure that it succeeds in its efforts, Seattle is conducting phase 3 clinical trials that use their drug as the frontline treatment for new cases of Hodgkin lymphoma. At the end of the day, the results of the trial will have a great impact on the institution.

The new product from the company, Adcetris is mostly used when the doctors are trying to fight lymphomas. In 2015, the drug did quite well in its sells, especially in the United States and in Canada. The institution has a partner, known as Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and it has managed to sell the product in other countries in the world.


Adcetris is actually one of the products from the institution. At the moment, there are twelve drugs that are being developed, Adcetris not included. The second drug, known as 33A will be expected to get to phase 3 trials before the years comes into an end, and it will be used to cure acute myeloid leukemia. There is a special drug for breast cancer and another one for bladder cancer, and they are expected to be introduced in the market soon.


Dr. Clay Siegall is the CEO and Founder of Seattle Genetics. He is also the chairman of the institutions, and he has worked hard to raise capital and market the products from the company. He is very experienced in ecology, and he is a member of different boards.


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Andy Wirth Is Appointed As The Chairman Of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board08.20.16

The new face of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board includes three new board members, two new executive officers and the Chairman, Squaw Valley’s Andy Wirth. Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority appointed the new members on July 9. The three new board members are Jenifer Rose, Jessica Sferrazza and Lisa Gianol.

The other two new executive officers appointed by the Regional Air Service Corporation (RASC) were Kimberlee Tolkien as the vice chair and secretary, and Andy Chapman as treasurer. RASC has the responsibility of promoting Reno-Tahoe International Airport’s air service as well identifying possibilities for additional flights. The veteran international resort manager is required to chair the nine-member board of RASC. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Having been part of RASC Board since 2013, Andy Wirth has acquired vast knowledge when it comes to international resort and management. While on board, together with other airlines, he managed to increase the number of flights for resorts in Canada, Utah and Colorado.

He served as a link between Reno-Sparks Region and Lake Tahoe. Andy Wirth also played a major role in the development of an air service by JetBlue service from JKF Airport to the Reno Tahoe Airport. Honored to be appointed as Chairman of RASC, Andy strongly pointed out that air service has continually been the backbone of the growing economy.

RASC was formed with the aim of connecting the public and private businesses to contribute to the market, improve the air service quality and identify both international and national markets. RASC, together with Alaska Airlines, promotes direct flights to and from Orange County, Idaho, California and Boise.

When speaking about his new appointment, Andy said that the new appointed members would introduce great ideas that will bring economic growth in the airport. This information was originally mentioned on Squaw Alpine’s blog as outlined in the following link

Growing up with a deep passion for skiing, Andy Wirth made Mountain Resort his best friend. He is the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. His giant efforts in mountain resort and hotel industry saw the Ski area become one of the top Tourist destinations worldwide.

Playing a major role in environmental and community service, Andy Wirth has won several awards including Business Leader of the year at Steamboat and an award for Chairman’s Outstanding Service Reno-Tahoe Authority Board of Trustees. Disabled Sports USA also recognized him as the Citizen of the year. Andy is a survivor of a fatal accident that saw him land in a vineyard, thus breaking his arm.

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This Dallas Bank Offers College Savings Plans Through Its Affiliate College Savings Bank08.19.16

When NexBank SSB purchased College Savings Bank the end of November 2015, the financial institution had one goal in mind, to help families save for higher education for their children. The acquisition enabled NexBank to follow their long term funding strategy by increasing supplementary source of deposits. College Savings Bank is headquartered in Princeton, N.J. and offers 529 college saving programs through Arizona Family College and Indiana College Choice CD Savings Plans. Both college saving plans are insured by FDIC and available to families in the United States. The bank has different investment options and savings account with high yield returns.


College Savings Bank continues its operations under its name and will provide services as a division of NexBank Capital, Inc. Chief Operating Officer of NexBank Capital, Matt Sikielski stated in an announcement by College Savings Bank that the acquisition permits the institution to serve the needs of their clients and increase short-term and long-term growth. The bank has provided college savings services since 1987, when the institution was founded in New Jersey. The college savings plans are available to clients without the assessment of asset management fees, which can be costly overtime.


The history of NexBank goes back to 1922 when the institution was founded as Heritage Bank SSB in Dallas, TX. Heritage Bank changed its name to NexBank SSB in 2005 and is the 4th biggest bank in Dallas. For four consecutive years, the awards winning banking and financial institution reported high levels of loans, deposits, assets and revenue. NexBank provides banking, institutional and commercial services to individuals, corporations, and institutions throughout Texas.


The College Savings Bank Division of NexBank is offering services to national clients. NexBank Capital and its affiliates provides advisory services for merger & acquisition, organization restructuring, corporation finance, investment banking, college savings, and mortgages. The banking institution manages more than $40 billion in assets and transactions.


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All About Don Ressler08.14.16

When you talks about fashion and fitness, one name that stands out is that of Don Ressler. He is the successful businessman behind famous startups that include Intelligent Beauty and its subsidiaries. His first start up was purchased by Intermix media, an indication that he comes up with potential business ventures. After selling Fitness Heaven, Ressler went ahead to team up with the then 19 year old Adam Goldenberg to form Alena Media. By this time, the e-commerce performance was generating millions in revenue and had become Intemix’s main profit maker. When Intermix changed hands in 2005, the two partners, Ressler and Goldenberg got frustrated by the turn of events in terms of their profitability and left for new opportunities.

Taking advantage of their skill in online performance advertising, the duo decided to come up with a brand-building enterprise whose execution could be done autonomously. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler later held a brainstorming session together with the former members of Alena. This led to the creation of Brand Ideas that was later rebranded to Intelligent Beauty. With this, they came up with Dermstore, as their first creation. Dermstore was an online skincare and cosmetics marketplace.

Dermstore was to be followed by Sensa two years later. The two entities have grown to become highly profitable in the market. This was seen in 2008 when they received a $43 million funding from Technology crossover. After this success, the Intelligent beauty came up with a third company JustFab at This was to become a subscription e-commerce fashion retailer. JustFab gained momentum within the first two years and soon after, it expanded to new markets. After realizing that most of their customers had families, they worked in filling this gap by acquiring a children’s subscription service, FabKids in 2013.

Apart from this, Don Ressler is also credited for the creation of Fabletics; an activewear brand. Fabletics has continuously received a unique niche in this space that is ever crowded. They do this by leveraging their e-commerce model in order to offer technically precise and futuristic athletic wear at an affordable price. The brand’s Co-CEO; Don Ressler believes that the business has been successful due to his love for fitness. Together with his wife, they kept their love life in college through fitness. When they realized that there was a gap in the market, they seized the opportunity and came up with the business. Since then, they have never looked back.

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Hypoallergenic Lip Balm for Sensitive Skin08.13.16

Smooth, moisturized lips help you look and feel your best, but some lip balm ingredients may actually irritate the skin. An allergic reaction to lip balm can even mimic the appearance of chapped lips. This can lead to more frequent applications of the product which will only further aggravate the condition. For people who suffer from allergies and skin sensitivities, hypoallergenic lip balm lets you safely nourish your lips with essential vitamins and natural oils. Unlike many commercial brands, a good hypoallergenic lip product won’t contain any gluten, petrolatum or paraben.
For soft, silky lips that won’t peel or burn, Evolution of Smooth offers a variety of tantalizing lip balm flavors. From strawberry sorbet to the unique taste of pomegranate raspberry balm, EOS effectively nourishes lips while tempting your palate. Their hypoallergenic collection of lip products are packed with shea butter and vitamin E to protect skin from the harmful effects caused by free radicals.

Consumers can choose between Evolution of Smooth’s roll-on lip balm in a cool sphere container or opt for the classic stick balm that’s compact and easy-to-carry. Those who need extra protection for chronic chapped lips will enjoy the fresh citrus scent of EOS’s medicated tangerine lip balm. This product relieves chapped lips and provides protection from harsh weather elements. Sun worshipers can soak up the rays without drying out their lips with the tart taste of lemon drop balm. In addition to its moisture-rich properties, lemon drop with SPF 15 protects against UVA and UVB rays and is water resistant for up to 80 minutes.

While there are many different brands of hypoallergenic lip balm available to shoppers, Evolution of Success has been a consumer favorite due to its delicious flavors, sinful scents, smooth texture and bold, unique packaging. EOS is also very popular among millennials and many celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Jennifer Lopez, Hillary Duff and Christina Aguilera. EOS products are available on and on Amazon.

EOS products links:


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Global Tel Link Wrongdoings Exposed by Securus08.05.16

Securus Technologies provides technology solutions for the criminal and justice systems. Based out of Dallas, Texas, they are one of the largest providers of parolee tracking, biometric analysis, incident management, government information, and detainee communications. Securus serves over 3,400 correctional facilities in the USA, Canada, and Mexico and 1,200,000 inmates across the USA in 45 states.

After discovering Global Tel Link(GTL) has multiple wrongdoings Securus will be reviewing issues of misprogramming clocks to their telephones, charging higher rates that permitted, billing calls more than once, and using programs to artificially inflate the rates charged. The taxpayers of Louisiana have been overcharged 1,243,000.

Reprogramming the clocks on correctional facilities phones unlawfully adds 15 or 36 seconds to phone calls which are charged to taxpayers. GTL was also charging rates that were higher that the rate caps or under their tariffs. The rate caps were enacted in a 1998 order. Calls were double billed and that is not permitted under any circumstances. There was also artificial inflation in various amounts of money to calls after they were rated.

Securus will be releasing a series of reports over the next 6 months exposing GTL in an attempt to shame them into using better business practices.

Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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