Securus Technologies Contain Wireless Communications01.18.18

Authorities are cracking down on cell phone usage by prisoners in America’s prison system. It is becoming increasingly common for inmates to obtain cell phone through various forms of subterfuge, smuggling, etc. Upon getting these phones, they frequently use them to orchestrate illegal activities, including setting up hits on their enemies. Securus Technologies is one of the major prison communication systems that that is striving to crack down on the abuses.


It became apparent that inmates obtaining cell phones was going to be an ongoing issue, when a Florida ex-corrections officer was targeted for reprisals by an inmate who had access to a cell phone. This inmate ordered a hit on the official and his wife. Both people were shot. He was shot six times, all at the urging of an incarcerated individual who ordered a hit by cell phone.


That was not the only example of the heinous use of cell phones by inmates. Three other inmates actually ordered the murder of an infant via cell phone. The uncle of the infant was a co-confederate of the inmates. When things went awry between them the inmates ordered the infant killed. His conspirators executed the child in its mother’s arms while she was walking down the street a Georgia.


The ex-corrections officer’s name is Robert Johnson. Since his shooting he has been on a crusade to insure cell phone usage is banned in prisons. He has spoken to the Federal Communications Commission and now he represents Securus Technologies as they spearhead this effort to crack down on inmate cell phone abuses. Securus Technologies is instituting a blocking system referred to as the ‘Call Defender‘ that prevents cell phones from being used by inmates to make calls or to send text messages to the outside from inside the prisons. This wireless containment system is acts as an internal cell phone tower and decides which calls to connect and which ones to drop. Inmate calls that haven’t been cleared are automatically dropped.


Securus Technologies is continuously utilizing technology to cut down on illicit acts within the prison system. They discovered a corrupt staff member through phone call usage. They also used a similar method to break up a prison ring that was selling alcohol to inmates. Technology has consistently been a very effective method for unearthing corruption in the prison system.


For 15 years, Johnson worked for the Lee Correctional Institution in South Carolina. One of his jobs was to confiscate contraband. His shooting was directly tied to executing his job flawlessly. Now, Johnson is joining forces with Securus Technologies, which provides communications for inmates for 2,000 correctional facilities across the nation. By using their state of the art technology, inmates using unauthorized numbers cannot gain access to the outside world. The internal cell phone tower stops the calls. No longer can inmates plan hits or other criminal ventures from inside the prison system using cell phones.


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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Rises To Top Of Latin American Banking Industry01.12.18

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the current CEO of Bradesco, has recently announced that he will be stepping down from that post in order to take over the chairmanship from the outgoing Lazaro Brandao. Trabuco Cappi has spent the last 9 years as CEO, a position in which he was able to complete the largest acquisition in Brazilian history: the purchase of HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion in cash.

Trabuco Cappi is a remarkable figure for more reasons than one. He came from a poor background and rose to the absolute heights of Latin American finance, proving that the region of the world known as the Global South is fully capable of producing the same kind of Horatio-Alger-like success stories on which America long claimed a stranglehold according to In fact, stories like that of Trabuco Cappi present strong evidence that many countries across Latin America that were once considered the third world are rapidly catching up to and even surpassing the United States, in measures of social mobility, educational opportunities and even the production of new millionaires.

Read more: Bradesco to Choose Board Member as New President, says Trabuco

Brazil finds its legs as Trabuco Cappi comes of Age

Trabuco Cappi’s career history can almost be taken as a proxy history of Brazil itself. Coming to work for Bradesco fresh out of high school at the age of 18, Trabuco Cappi was a walk-in hire. It was his first job ever after graduating in University of Sao Poalo. He had grown up in a lower-middle-class family in the small town of Marilia, Sao Paulo. It is worth pointing out that what is considered lower middle class in Brazil is considerably more deprived than its American counterpart. By any first-world standard, Trabuco Cappi’s childhood was one of grinding poverty.

But the talented youth had a knack for making lemonade of lemons, and he had the ferocious drive frequently seen in those who grow up under deprived conditions. Over the course of his first year, Trabuco Cappi was promoted twice, first becoming a shift manager then being promoted to branch manage. Throughout the 1970s, he continued to receive a string of promotions up the ranks of the firm. This happened at precisely the same time that Bradesco itself was rapidly expanding, slowly going from a small, local thrift institution and on its way to becoming the modern financial powerhouse that it is today.

And Bradesco’s expansion occurred among a time of unprecedented growth in the country of Brazil. People like Trabuco Cappi are exemplary of why Brazil was never destined to stay the third-world slum that it had been for the first 400 years of its existence. Although the country has long been wracked by social ills and deep structural problems, such as endemic corruption, some areas of the country have always had enormous and growing human capital. It was always a certainty that this pool of talent, ambition and industry would eventually begin to lift the country from its ancestral mud bog into the rarefied penthouses of Sao Paulo’s modern skyline.

Another aspect of Trabuco Cappi’s rise was his fastidious attention to the ways in which American banks operated on This was not merely an interest borne out of admiration for the success of Northern financial institutions, it was Trabuco Cappi’s conscious plan to emulate the best aspects of North American finance, while discarding the more dysfunctional aspects of the industry.

One way in which he was able to do this was by directly going after the high-net-worth client market in Brazil. By the mid-90s, Bradesco had attracted so many new millionaire clients that it was able to issue tens of billions of dollars in new loans. This dramatic expansion of the bank’s balance sheet was attributed singularly to the efforts of Trabuco Cappi.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco:á-presidência-do-conselho-do-Bradesco.htm

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Eliminating Prostate Cancer Surgery Side Effects With Dr. David Samadi01.07.18

Dr. David Samadi has definitely earned a respectable position at the prestigious Lenox Hill Hospital where he currently serves as the Chairman of Urology and Chief of Robotic Surgery. His ambition to achieve something good started at an early age when he and his brother were pressed from their Iranian home into Belgium without parents. But he never allowed that to restrict him as he followed a life path that has now placed him in a unique role from where he can help to fight cancer in its many forms.

Dr. David Samadi’s distinctive technique is known as the SMART method, and that is an acronym for Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment. He has employed it in over 7,000 prostate surgeries with such effectiveness that over 90% of those that he has worked on our now able to say that they are cancer-free. He determines the results according to three different measures of success. These include his ability to totally remove all prostate cancer cells, the ability of a patient to have intercourse after prostate cancer, and urinary control after the surgery. With those as measurements of achievement, his SMART method has done well for many.

In the past, his expertise has earned him the status as the highest paid doctor in New York City with a salary of $7.6 million. However, he has since left the Mt. Sinai Hospital and took his team with him to Lenox Hill where he is still pushing the envelope in regards to robotics and urology. He helps to share his knowledge through his membership at both the American Medical Association and the American Urological Association. But, his efforts are not just isolated to the medical industry, but he also has a number of endeavors outside of the office.

Dr. David Samadi has become a well-known name to many through his radio show entitled “Sunday Housecall” that he worked in coordination with a website for over five years. He used these platforms to share his knowledge with those who need a more basic explanation of many of the health issues that they might be facing. Now he continues to pursue less invasive techniques especially in relation to helping men with prostate issues, and there are many who are interested due to his ability to help lessen the chance for some of the more problematic and life-changing side effects that might usually be experienced with traditional ways.

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OneLogin: Superior Quality in Customer Service and Operations01.02.18

OneLogin is a technological company that has experienced significant growth and development in the past year. They have made multiple improvements to their internal operations as well as amenities available to customers. With new leadership as well as changes to the mobile app, consumers have a lot of reasons to choose OneLogin. While the technology provided by this company has continued to expand, it is being applied in multiple environments to get the best results.

The recent acquisition of Airbus, an aeronautics firm, has diversified the way that OneLogin is perceived as well as the potential applications of their infrastructure. By developing new client relationships and improving outcomes for their already existing base of two thousand customers OneLogin is reaching new levels in 2017. They have attracted attention in new markets as well, with businesses as diverse as finance and education. The results of their institutional changes are profound, as OneLogin has succeeded in many different ways as an employer and as a service provider.

OneLogin has also appointed a new Chief Executive Officer that has shown his commitment to change and development from within. The organization has flourished due to his large amount of experience and detailed interest in the company’s financial and technological future. The innovative approaches implemented by this new CEO have established OneLogin as a premier employee work space in the United States. This accolade as judged by Fortune magazine ranks OneLogin highly as one of the most fun and exciting places to work.

OneLogin has helped consumers who are focused on web based technologies. They have succeeded a lot because of their consistent and effective practices. By modifying their app so that web based software can interact better, many consumers have gained additional advantages. The best results can be seen in the way that OneLogin’s app has succeeded. The new implementations allow users to use keyword rich tools as well as simple automation that was not previously available.

Ultimately, the systematic changes made by this organization have improved its overall strategy and the outcomes for customers. Not only can people benefit from the unique changes they have put into place, but there are a lot of different benefits that help make it a good option for the future.

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Susan McGalla Fighting for Equality Between Men and Women in the Corporate World12.30.17

The women have been facing a lot of difficulties in moving ahead in the ranks in the corporate world, and it is an open secret. Even though nobody talks about it, how often do you see the top management is filled with women and fewer men? It is never the case, and it is because of the prejudice against women. It is a problem that must be addressed, and it is a successful woman like Susan McGalla who has been raising this issue on public forums time and again to ensure the debate continues and doesn’t die down. Susan McGalla has studied business and marketing at the Mount Union College and has a vast and impressive resume to show her great career graph.

Susan McGalla has held prominent positions at big apparel companies like Wet Seal Inc as CEO and American Eagle Outfitters Inc as President. Susan McGalla presently serves as the Vice President of Creative Development and Business Strategy at Pittsburgh Steelers Inc, which is one of the reputed clothing firms in its region. Susan has helped develop successful marketing strategies for the company over the years, which has helped in enhancing revenue and improving sales. As a female leader, she has made some very astounding business moves that shocked the corporate world with the success her strategies have gotten.

Susan McGalla often speaks about what can be done to improve the chances of female executives and workers to move up the ladder of success in the corporate world. She says that there should be various women-centric initiatives that need to be implemented by the companies to help deserving women to get noticed and move up the ranks. Also, Susan McGalla said that there should be mentorship and sponsorship programs for the women so that the women who are deserving and working hard for the company can get the assistance they need to get through the obstacles and get to the position they deserve rightfully. Susan McGalla believes that women are as deserving as men and equally capable as well, but need just guidance to get started on the right track. It helps them morally and gives them the right direction to follow.

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ClassDojo Has Earned the Teachers Trust by Focusing on Solving the Challenges That They Face12.27.17

According to PitchBook, the education technology sector is headed for a 1.4 billion dollars mark by the end of this year. This figure, however, falls short of the 2015 value that is the highest so far standing at 1.5 billion dollars. Some of the industry players that have done well this year include LittleBits that added a new product in the market that made it shine in the National Principals Conference. Others include Nearpod and Classcraft. Though investors and entrepreneurs are optimistic about a brighter future, they are exercising caution especially with the likelihood of the 2018 U.S federal education budget being reduced.

Focusing on the Teacher

Education technological tools are meant to improve learning by making it fun for kids and easy for the teachers. It is however shocking that not all teachers believe that the technology they use meets the above. Ideally, many teachers are making learning fun without the use of technology. Entrepreneurs who hope to make it big in the industry should make the teachers the center of their inventions. They should, therefore, focus on solving challenges that teachers face in their work.

ClassDojo, for instance, understands trick and has marked tremendous success in its products. Sam Chaudhary, one of the co-founders often involves teachers as well as the parents and students in every step of developing a product. The firm’s product helps teachers communicate with the parents on how their children are doing in the classroom. This type of challenge would be hard to think of without the involvement of the teachers. Impressively, 90% K-8 school districts in the United States are using ClassDojo according to the San Francisco Business Times.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a classroom communication app that allows interaction between the teachers, parents, and students. It was founded in 2011 by two inventors, Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, ClassDojo has found a standing among schools around the United States.

ClassDojo draws its strength from a team that comprises of educators, engineers, and designers with an understanding of the schools and social media. The firm also partners with others of the like-mind such as Stanford PERTS and Harvard’s Making Caring Common to create impactful tools.

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How Michel Terpins Became So Successful at Racing12.20.17

Michel Terpins always wanted to be a racer. He knew there was a lot to racing and he tried to always focus his attention on how he could help people with the racing opportunities he had. There were many different ways that Michel Terpins was doing things the right way and that allowed him the chance to show people how they could do their best with their own sports and their own careers. Michel Terpins knew there were different ways he could take advantage of the things he was doing and of the opportunities he was given because of rally car racing. It helped him make sure he could make money and provide people with the options they needed. Everything he did went back to helping others and helping people have a more enjoyable experience while they were watching him race. It was part of what made him better.

Since Michel Terpins was a successful rally car racer, he knew there were things he could do to make the racing opportunities better. He had always wanted to make sure he was doing things right and that went back to the opportunities he had for success. As long as Michel Terpins was doing the best job possible, he was confident he could continue helping people and giving them what they were looking for. It was what he needed to be successful and what he needed to make sure he was making all the right decisions for his own career.

While his family is very competitive, Michel Terpins’ has helped him with support for his career. They knew he wanted to race and that’s what they helped him with in every way possible. No matter what they were doing, they would always be there to support him. His brother was actually so supportive he was able to start racing with Michel Terpins because they worked well as a team. That’s what made them the best they could be no matter what they were doing. They were able to beat most of the people they were racing so they could start taking home different titles.

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Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez Garners More Accolades12.19.17

Entering the entertainment industry is not for the faint-hearted as the 24/7 nature of the sector means only those willing to put in the hours and hard work reach the very top. It is also rare for music executives, particularly female executives to be rewarded with any form of accolade outside their own company but a group of female music executives headed by Roc Nation’s Desiree Perez has recently been named the most influential in the world by Billboard magazine.

The success of Desiree Perez has been down to her own will to succeed in an industry which is notoriously patriarchal and demanding on the time of individuals who spend their career working on the business side of show business. Desiree Perez has not made her way to the top of the music industry in a short period of time but has been working with Roc Nation founder, Jay-Z for around two decades and now occupies the position of Chief Operating Officer at Roc Nation. To know more click here.

Over the course of her career, Desiree Perez has reached new levels of success and made her name by creating one of the fastest growing labels in the world in the shape of Roc Nation. Known for her tough negotiating style, Desiree Perez managed to create Roc Nation with more than $100 million in funding from a deal she negotiated with Live Nation to form one of the fastest growing media outlets in the world. Over the course of the last decades, the range of skills and experience Desiree Perez has built has seen her move between music, the Roc Nation Sports agency, and various other areas of the Roc Nation business family she has played a major role in building.

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The OSI Group Brings a New Light to the Food Production Industry12.09.17

Many food industry companies are worried about one thing only: money. The OSI Group likes to think about their profits, but their main goal is something much more valuable. By focusing on how they can be sustainable in an industry that is not very eco-friendly, the OSI Group is pushing to help other companies see the right way to do business. There is no point in making a lot of money if they can not make that money last for years with the things they are doing. The OSI Group knows this and they also know their company can be the best opportunity for people to try different food company options.

While the OSI Group has been working to provide clients with everything they need, they also know there is a lot of value that comes with building great customer relationships. In fact, the OSI Group works so hard to maintain their relationships, their first client is still one of their clients today. Despite the company being one that is now a corporation, they have held onto the family values they originally had when they first started their business.

By doing this, the OSI Group has made sure they are going to help all their clients. They know what it takes to help them so they know they can try different things. They give their clients something to look forward to no matter what industry they are a part of. From big companies, like McDonald’s, to small restaurants in their own hometown, the OSI Group gives everyone the treatment they deserve. Because they know how to treat their clients, the OSI Group has done what they can to give their clients the best life possible. They know just what it takes to offer them the greatest opportunities in their lives.

As long as the industry has been a part of the food companies lives, the OSI Group has known what it takes to be successful. They continue to offer people the right type of options they can use on their own. The OSI Group does everything in their power to try different things. They also do things that will make them a better company. Everything they have done has given the customers a chance at a better life. It has also made things much easier for the businesses they work with in the food industry around the entire world.

To know more click: here.

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Logan Stout Is Making A Real Difference By Helping Individuals With Their Nutritional Needs12.05.17

Logan Stout is the founder and CEO of IDLife, and he knows all about how personalized nutrition can change lives. Currently, there is an obesity epidemic taking place with the majority of U.S. residents being overweight or obese. Being overweight affects people in many different ways like giving them low self-esteem, how they function on a daily basis, increasing their risk for diseases including cancer; arthritis; diabetes, and more.

The health industry is lacking in the way that it helps individuals with health, because, generally speaking, it sells products that are targeted to a general audience. This means that people get disappointed when a health product doesn’t work the way they expected it to. To remedy this, Logan Stout and his company IDLIfe are revolutionizing health by approaching it in a unique way. The system he has built targets customer’s individual health needs and provides them with nutritional supplements based on their specific genetics, diet, health issues, and any medications they may be taking.

In a time where the supplement and healthcare industry is growing exponentially, IDLife aims to set itself apart. Since one fifth of the entire nutritional supplement industry is monopolized by a few companies, the options are not huge for anyone looking for help. The truth is, most people don’t really understand enough about nutrition to know what they need to take in order to thrive. This is exactly IDLife shines, and Logan, along with the rest of his company, don’t plan on quitting on people any time soon.

Logan Stout is a passionate entrepreneur who loves to help people get healthier. He is also the creator of one of the largest baseball organizations, the Dallas Patriots, which he put together to help younger people. He feels that people can reach their true potential when they are as healthy as they can be, and he created IDLife to help them do just that.

Aside from helping people meet their nutritional needs, Logan Stout mentors young aspiring entrepreneurs and athletes and also does live events where he speaks to motivate people. He is also a writer and author who published the book “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People, and Teams,” which goes into detail about the different ways he has found success in the world. As a family man, he loves to spend quality time with his sons and his wife in Frisco, Texas.

Logan Stout’s Social Media:

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