Firefighters In Idaho Hear Parrots Scream For Help Inside A Burning House04.26.15

The Recorded Screams Sounded Human But They Were Actually Trained Parrot Screams

We all know some birds are able to say words. We don’t expect the birds to know what the words mean because birds are not considered intelligent enough to cognitively understand the environment in which they live. The fact is, we discount the abilities of birds and other animals. Most people believe the only intelligent consciousness on earth is human intelligence and that is a big mistake.

Animals have a subjective understanding that is not blinded by emotions. They sense, feel and react to objective situation with subjective awareness. Our awareness is usually ego driven. The proof of animal intelligence shows itself in many different ways.

Firefighters in Idaho got a first-hand look at bird intelligence when parrots called for help while they were inside a burning home. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they heard the words, Help. Fire. Thinking that people were trapped inside, the firefighters went in and found no one, but the parrots. The birds were trained to issue a warning, but the firefighter still couldn’t believe what they witnessed. Jaime Garcia Dias could hardly believe the story as well when he watched and heard about it on YouTube. The birds were removed from the home and were given oxygen. The firefighters got a little oxygen too, and they also got a lesson in bird intelligence.

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Greece Continues Stonewalling on Economic Reforms as the EU Continues to Hand Them the Funds to Pay Their Debts04.26.15

Riga, Latvia – The Left-wing government of Greece continues stonewalling any serious economic reforms amid pressure from 19 other European Zone nations. At issue is Greece is being pressured yet again to come up with the necessary reforms to make good on their enormous debt load. Currently, Greece’s foreign debt to the European Union far exceeds its total gross domestic product. Nor does the government even have the ability to service their existing debt load. In fact, the EU is giving Greece the funds to pay their monthly debt installments to major EU banks. Were it not for the cash infusions, Greece would unavoidably default.

Sadly, it seems that Greece has become quite ensconced in the position of securing more EU funds for their government under the threat of outright default and exit from the Euro. Such a scenario is seen as destabilizing to a major world currency. The sheer fear of a Greek default has prompted EU central bankers to repeatedly reset the terms of the loans. Bruce Karatz thinks something pretty drastic might just happen. Ultimately, the governments of France, Great Britain, and Germany will largely be responsible to repay investment banks should Greece default according to Bloomberg. Nor is the newly installed left-wing government of Greece all that eager to impose further austerity measures upon itself. The tax rate in Greece is already high, unemployment remains at depression era levels, the black market for tax evasion is strong, and the middle class has been battered by the harsh cutbacks in services. Still, seven years after the global banking crisis and EU member nations are tired of dealing with this recalcitrant Southern European nation.

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The Number of Heroin Deaths Triple in the Last Three Years03.05.15

 According to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) the number of deaths from heroin overdoses has tripled between 2010 and 2013. The number of fatalities from prescription painkillers has stayed the same. Despite this rise in heroin overdoses, the death rate of death from opioids is still higher. In 2013, 8,257 people died from heroin while 16,235 persons died from pain killers. While most deaths from heroin used to occur among older black men today the victims are white men between the ages of 18 and 44 stated here for full article. The reason for this increase has to do with the availability of painkillers particularly Oxycontin. Between 2002 and 2011 about 25 million persons began to use opioids. Approximately 12 million did so without a prescription. In order to combat this Purdue Pharma, the company that produces OxyContin reformulated the drug so that it couldn’t be crushed and snorted. The U.S. government rescheduled the drug making it a schedule 2 drug that makes it much harder to get. Sadly an unintended side effect was that people began to use heroin at a higher rate when they couldn’t get the Oxycontin. It will not be easy to solve according to health officials. It will require a united and concentrated effort to different levels of health agencies. One area that will need addressing is that of the psychological reasons that may drive an individual to use drugs.

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Patent Law Needs to Be Protected for Progress in Civilization03.02.15

Patent laws are meant to foster innovation by enabling those who spend the time and money to come up with an invention or process to have exclusive rights to it for a certain number of years. Businessman, Ricardo Guimarães explains in this article I just read on that this is actually necessary so that individuals and companies can recoup their research and development costs that they poured into coming up with new breakthroughs. The process of protecting people’s investment in such innovations is the purview of patent law, and it plays no small part in enabling progress in civilization. There is, however, a disturbing trend in patent law today. In a nutshell, Lawyers and financial backers start up shell companies and buy old patents and then file lawsuits against companies claiming that these companies violated ‘their’ patent. There have been two attempts to reform the patent system to try to cut down on what are called “patent trolls” that have failed, and now a third attempt is coming before the Congress.

As mentioned, patents are an essential part of progress in our civilization. Everything that we take for granted today, an electric light that we turn on with the flick of a switch, the various components of the car we drive down the road, the toaster we put bread in to produce the miracle of toast, were all invented by someone who had a patent to protect their invention. That there are scummy lawyers and others who are taking advantage of this system of necessary protections to sue companies that truly innovate and advance our civilization needs to stop now!

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Sao Paulo Needs Water; A Lot Of Water02.17.15


Brazil Largest City Has A Major Water Problem

Anyone who has visited Sao Paulo, just talk to my friend Sultan Alhokair,  will tell you it is one of the most complex big cities in the world. Over 11 million people call Sao Paulo home, and most of them don’t have enough water to drink, clean or brush their teeth with.

Some residents are drilling their own wells in order to survive. One Brazilian woman put the situation this way: “This is Brazil, where human beings are treated worse than dogs by our own politicians.” She may be right. Brazil has plenty of fresh water. In fact, Brazil has one-eighth of the globe’s freshwater. So what’s the problem?

It’s a multi-tiered problem. The recent drought didn’t help Sao Paulo’s leaky water system, plus deforestation, pollution and massive overcrowding are having a huge impact on the city’s ability to bounce back. Most experts say residents should considered moving. But it’s not the first time in history that a major metropolitan area became a ghost town because their water supply disappeared.

Brazil is a very resourceful country. Brazilians move to the beat of their souls and if their soul is telling them to solve the problem they will. But it may not be in this century.

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Brazil Prison Break: 26 Escape After Guards Seduced02.09.15


This week in Brazil, 26 inmates were able to escape from a prison located in Nova Mutum, a city near Cuiaba.

Apparently, from the story my coworker Brad Reifler got,  2 women were able to gain access to the prison by dressing in sexy police costumes and proceeded to have a few drinks with the prison guards. They allegedly spiked the guards drinks and seduced them. The outfits were found, along with several bottles of spiked whiskey, the next morning next to the naked and handcuffed prison guards.

The guards claim to have very little recollection of the events from the previous night. Another man, the director of the prison, was also there but had been asleep. He did not appear to have been involved in the seduction, but was being held for questioning.

There are still 15 inmates on the run, however 11 of them were recaptured shortly after the break was discovered.

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The Antique Wine Company Offers The Finest Wines In All The Lands01.29.15


Since 1982, Stephen Williams has traveled the word buying the finest and most exclusive selections of wines. Although it started as a hobby for a connoisseur, the Antique Wine Company has become renowned for offering the rarest and finest wines to its more than 45,000 clients. Stephen had helped the cast and crew of the Titanic celebrate their victories at the Academy Awards in 1997 by presenting them with a rare and precious bottle of wine, a premier cru Bordeaux from 1912, the year the Titanic sank. His gift also included a reprint of The Times from that era. His cultured and refined taste includes gift giving. This gift focused interest from the US who had once been his largest customer. Now China and Hong Kong alone make up more than half of the business that the Antique Wine Company does and is where its second headquarters is located.


The Antique Wine Company buys wine directly from the chateaux and has such a renowned reputation for acquiring rare and precious wines that many supplies approach Stephen. Stephen purchased every wine vintage from 1860 to 2003 from the Chateau d’Yqem and it was bought as a collection by the Grand Hotel du Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera in 2007. One purchase that Stephen called “history and nostalgia in a bottle” because it was bottled while Beethoven was composing music and Napoleon’s attempt to conquer the world is an 1811 vintage from the same chateau.


Customers can even purchase wine cellars in cabinets made of sycamore, ash and rosewood to show off the Bordeaux in the Grand Chateau Series. The cabinets are made as models of the nine most famous Bordeaux chateaux. The cabinets hold 18 bottles, are temperature controlled, and hold the best vintages of the past 100 years from each of the nine estates. The Antique Wine Company also offer their Wine Academy, accredited private wine master classes for both professionals and wine enthusiastic. The accredited learning includes tutored and themed tasting events. The AWC Wine Academy, located in Marylebone, London with their headquarters, can provide the ideal environment for private wine tasting and corporate events. The courses created by the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is an excellent opportunity for anyone entering the hospitality and wine profession and can provide an enjoyable learning experience for anyone who is enthusiastic about and are interested in fine wine.


AWC provides luxury wine and spirits to individuals, hotel, and restaurants around the globe. Whether a novice or connoisseur, they offer now only the finest and rarest wines in the world but also a unique learning experience, assistance in planning wine tasting events, and a unique environment to enjoy the experience.



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Your Three Best Tips For Brazilian Investing From Igor Cornelsen01.01.15

Igor Cornelsen recently published an article on TheStreet that detailed how you should begin to invest in South America. These tips are specific in many ways to Brazil, and they teach you how to make the most of each investment in the southern hemisphere. You should read them over to be sure you understand what they are intended to do for you. If you follow the rules carefully, you will have a much more profitable investment portfolio in Brazil.

Meet Some People Down There

You want to make sure that you have friends in Brazil. Your friends in Brazil are familiar with the local economy, and they hear the reports of what happens with all the different businesses down there. You may now know what you are looking for, but your friends in Brazil will know exactly what to look for.

Learn The Exchange Rate

You want to make sure that you are familiar with the exchange rate when you begin investing. The investments that you do in Brazil are going to be profitable only if you are investing with a very strong dollar. You do not want to spend any of your money on an investment unless the dollar is performing as well as it possibly can.

File Your Paperwork

You need to make sure that you have all your paperwork in to government and regulatory boards before you trade. They need to know that you are registered to trade in the country, and they need this information for tax purposes. If you fail to file this paperwork, you may be barred from investing.

You should follow the rules above if you want to make successful investment in Brazil. These tips are meant to give you the upper hand when you are putting up your own money in South America.

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BRL Trust – Assisting in Brasilian Clients Investment Concerns12.01.14

BRL Trust Investimentos, who deal in investment funds in Brasil, have become the largest independent administrator in investment funds in the country. Practicing transparency with all its financial transactions, and realizing trusted business relationships with their clients, BRL Trust has continued to grow, to change and expand as the national and global market dictates.

Implementing the skill of their talented professional team, BRL Trust specializes in 5 critical areas of investment. With business areas that focus on Fiduciary Services, Fund Management, Funds Custody, Resource Management, and Account Underwriting, their expertise in these areas have become benchmarks in the financial marketplace, providing safety and trust that clients have come to rely on.

With Trustee Services, the company implements the SCA (Asset Control System), aiding in monitoring, tracking, control and collection of loans. BRL Trust acts as Collateral Agent, Administrative Agent, and Trustee Agent for clients.

As the client’s Collateral Agent, BRL Trust acts as guarantee agents on loans, being responsible for controlling such areas as eligibility criteria, margin warranties, seconds of exchange, liquidity funds, and escrow (linked) accounts management.

In Intervening Trust, BRL Trust provides fiduciary services to private debt securities, leading the market. The company acts as broker and agent on promissory notes, regulating and monitoring activity of the user, with reports providing updates to the creditors. BRL Trust also act as registration, escrow, and paying agent of CCI.

As the Administrative Agent, BRL Trust covers a broad range of resource management, including assistance in projects involving finance and syndicated loans. They will monitor guarantees and see to renegotiated debt settlement.

As the Trustee Agent, the company looks out for investors interests, and provides protection in the areas of debenture issues and CRI’s. They will monitor all aspects of managing financial instruments for the client, with regular checks, maintenance, and monitoring of collateral.

The company specializes in asset underwriting, and they act as a Fund Manager, with structured transactions dealt with in an innovative and professional manner.

BRL Trust specializes in Asset Management, meeting with individuals and corporations alike, helping to diagnose potential client investment options and needs. Their services, innovative in today’s industry, focus on specific needs of clients, and will assist in investment services every step in the financial process.

With growth and prosperity that has continued to drive the company’s burgeoning success and subsequent growth, BRL Trust Investimentos has expanded new business into areas including mergers and acquisitions and capital markets, and the administration and management of investment funds.

They can be contacted via their Facebook account or you can connect on their LinkedIn.

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Do You Want Some Fries With Those Human Filled Empanadas?11.17.14

On Thursday, November 14, 3 people went to trial within the Country of Brazil, due to their arrest, which occurred back in 2012, on the basis of allegedly slaughtering 2 women, whom they ate and baked into empanadas- a long time favorite pastry of Brazilians-that they subsequently sold to the public.

It’s believed that the group was able to bake human filled pastries by luring at least 2 women to their residence by falsely promising them nanny positions. After killing their victims, the group would eat various parts of the the victim’s bodies. The other parts of the bodies that they did not eat directly, where grounded up like beef and used as a main ingredient of their cannibalized empanada-like pastries.

What’s really disturbing about this trio is not that they just killed and subsequently cooked and eat their victims, they gave their human filled empanada to a small 5 year old child that lived with them and sold it to other people within their community.

And as if things couldn’t get even more disturbing, it’s also reported that they would inflict a gruesome death on their victims via a “purification ritual” which entailed, beating them to death, hacking up their bodies and draining their blood. Brazilian authorities were able to make an arrest when they found the remains of two women, that partially buried on their property. When questioned about the motives of their killings, the trio said that they belonged to a group that believed in the purification and reduction of the world’s population. When I first read about this story in the Los Angeles Times, it honestly reminded of the Tom Rothman movie “Turistas” from back in the day. We truly do live in a messed up world.

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